Well O-Cakes On The BET Awards 2012 Tonight…

our o-cakes had an interesting performance tonight…



what did you guys think?

lowkey: what did you all think of the overall show?

Author: jamari fox

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10 thoughts on “Well O-Cakes On The BET Awards 2012 Tonight…”

  1. I like O….he is attractive,unfortunately he is following a wrong career path. That of fluffer for Maybach. I am disappointed that he didnt have a plan B to wk behind the camera. I know Chris would have helped him. Then him with FatRoss and that grandmama fur and dirty hanes…..all in all these things made me kept turning away from the show. Its tired.

  2. The best part was the Lighty tribute – in part cuz I’m old school. Then the cyphers (though where were the rest of the Ruff Ryders?). I stayed away from the rest – just read about the EBT Hip-Hops on Twitter.

    Imma need Moobs McRoss to put on a bra, and at least wear some different drawers.

    As far as O-cakes…the fellas were wearing black, the ladies white; he wore white…

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