Wade In The Water


so last night (1.11.14) was nba baller wolf dwyane wade’s birthday,
in which he celebrated on the water.
an f-bi sent me a buffet of pictures for post.
the festivities brought out his fiance,
gabrielle union,
as well as his #miamiheat teammates and their vixens.
hell maybe a fox or two?

well it looks like fun times were had by all,
but can we talk about this:

tumblr_mz5rn6vgLg1qlb447o1_400those sneakers are from dwyane’s sneaker line,
( x brand wade ),
are nothing short of hideous.
don’t even get me started on those “christmas special edition” on the instagram.
why does dwyane’s sneakers remind me of:

x well look for yourself

i loathe clunky AND colorful kicks.
looking like something frankenstein would rock.
wade is trying to be an nba fashion icon,
but at least he could have modelled his kick brand after ( x margiela ).
something less “adult swim“,
ya know?
i’m sure his kicks will find a market in the south and his die hards tho.
sadly those kicks go with nothing i plan to have in my closet.
it would have to have crazy orgasmic swagg.
happy belated birthday wade.


lowkey: i do like the kicks he is wearing with his outfit.
i dunno about that jacket tho.

go say happy belated on his: twitter
see more pictures: his instagram
visit his website: wayofwade

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “Wade In The Water”

  1. He is trying to be a fashionista, but he don’t got nothing Russell Westbrook when it comes to fashion.

    It’s nice to see some of these athletes get in touch with their “inner” fashionista

    1. Those shoes are…out of this world, and not in a good way lol. Yea, he is definitely trying to be like Russell.

      Westbrook is in a league of his own, and also looks way better than Wade in general. I want Westbrook to start a clothing line if he has the time. I expect him to in the future, and I can’t wait for it lol.

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