“How To Get Got” Feat. DeSean Jackson and His “Ain’t Shit” Friends

eagles receiver desean jackson signs autographs at the king of prussia mallan f-bi sent me this story and all i could do was “smmfh”.
so desean jackson is one of those baller wolves who thinks he can trust “anyone”.
“yeah naw i’ll leave you my keys while i’m on the road.
i need someone to water my plants and feed my turtle.
i know we just met like last year,
but you seem cool.”

this is the same baller wolf who also trusted someone who told him he could rap.
well he learned not to trust “no one” because someone in his circle robbed his ass.
pro football talk has all this foolishness…

Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson has at least 375,000 reasons to want a new contract.

According to FOX 29 in Philly, burglars struck at Jackson’s home in South Philadelphia, removing $250,000 in cash, $125,000 in jewelry, and two semi-automatic handguns.

There were no signed of forced entry, but two safes were broken into — and a third safe was stolen.  (Apparently, it was a Kitnerboy Redoubt.)

Per the report, Jackson’s mother told police that his friends have access to the house when Jackson is home, but that Jackson keeps the second floor of the house locked.

Also, neighbors reportedly said that “a lot of people come and go” from the residence.

ichuTrPwGg1GRclearly someone who knows him and knows what he got.
ya know,
i don’t know what’s worse.
the being robbed from someone you met off a chat site,
or by someone you trust in your circle.
well ive heard desean isn’t the brightest bulb from someone who went to school with him.
  lets say i can see this happening.

lowkey: desean.
change your locks.
 only you call the locksmith.
make sure don’t tell one of your slackers to do it.
write a post it to remind you.

article found: pro football talk

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on ““How To Get Got” Feat. DeSean Jackson and His “Ain’t Shit” Friends”

  1. Being robbed by someone who is supposedly in your circle is worse than being robbed by a person off a chat site. Only because trust has been built by at least one party over a great around of time.

    This is why some celebs live sad lives, they don’t know who to trust. They have all these new friends who pretty much just want the a piece of the doe, it’s sad. They care nothing about them, only what they have. Where are his childhood friends at? The people who were there when he was just a regular dude. Those are the ones you put in charge of shit. I am usually the one in charge of shit amongst friends. People know I ain’t gonna steal.

    DeSean is bad tho ain’t he? Bad ass. I’ve always liked him.

    1. So true. When I first got to college I was that way, but I am no longer. Over these past couple of years I’ve learned who my real friends are.

      Also, I must add this. You learn about your friends or potential friends when you are alone with them. One on one time is key to getting to know a person. Groups hangouts never work. Remember that guys.

    2. ^agreed on both accounts.
      unless we been together for a hot minute,
      you will NEVER get the keys to my spot.
      if a wolf told me if didn’t want to give me his keys,
      i would not even take offense.

  2. Why did he keep $250,000 in cash at home? Why did he keep $125,000 in jewelry at home. What of bank accounts? What of Money Market or other investment accounts? What of safe deposit boxes? The big dummy!

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