Ugly Boys Have Different Rules

YIM goes off on The Foxberry.
I am hoping it is everything I was thinking about in my last entry.

The Freak: Yo bout to get off work.
The Freak:
Wha you doin?
The Freak:
How about some head?

Back Story

I met this dude online, like a year ago.
Gave him the YIM privileges because I saw one thing in the pictures.
Turns out that was what I was going to see on YIM.
No face shots, and in his default was his erect dick.
It was like pulling teeth to get a face/swagger shot.
He finally sent it and as it turned out, he was physically unappealing to me.

Plus the nigga was like 5’2.
What am I gonna do with him?
Burp him?

I put a new pic on my YIM and the nigga has been hitting me OD stalker.
Every morning on que and then vanishing.
I forgot his screen name (and him rather) but when I saw his “nick name” yesterday,
I knew who it was INSTANTLY.

It’s one thing to hit me up,
when you look like Devin or Jay Fresh Kicks talking that fresh shit.
Those rules apply to cute boys who may have a sexual connection with you.

If either one of them would have hit me up on some ol sex shit like that,
“Yo I want to come thru. You home? I’m tryna smash that…”

I would have been entering the bomb sex I got in tomorrow’s entry.

But the rules are different
when you are ugly, midget short, or fat… and you been cursed out for that by me already.

Ugly boys out there.
And it is okay that you are ugly
because some of you have some good sex and good hearts than your finer counterparts.

But when you trying to get at someone you are interested in,
male or female,
you need to be smooth.
That abrasive shit is a turn off.

If The Freak would have hit me up WHEN I FIRST MET HIM
on some smooth convo in YIM and allowed me to get to know him,
he may have gotten alot farther.

When I first met this nigga he was mad thirst and trying to beat that very second…..
…. but got the NERVE to be holding out on pictures and playing a TOPs version of hard to get.

Then this fucka gonna say we discussed me giving him head before.

Nigga if you don’t get the fuck outta hea…..


Later Foxes

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “Ugly Boys Have Different Rules”

  1. Thank you so much for saying it. Ugly boys are held to a completely different standard. They dont have the same privileges the cuties do. They have to be on that.. casa nova.. lemme show u how its suppose to be done.. type stuff. But usually, they arent. Their the main ones trying to get u to take ur clothes off 2 seconds after uve met. I dont see it. Glad someone else doesn’t either.

  2. I agree, they really need to recognize that shit too! Most ugly guys have big dicks, about 50& of them know how to throw the dick to compensate for their lack in the cute department; the other 50% are useless; ugly big dick and don’t know how to use it GETS NOTHING! One last thing, why are the ugly guys always broke..can’t even wine and dine.WTF???

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