So I FINALLY set up all my online accounts….
Put all the good bait pictures in my ho to semi ho collection up…
Went browsing without hitting anyone up…
Seeing what was out there….


A lot of potential draft picks Foxes.

I think I’m becoming a little wolf myself.
So much meat.
So little time.

And I didn’t hit anyone up YET.
How bout that!

The Fox Hunt is looking real good right now.
New mind. New attitude. New focus. Endless possibilities.
I hope you guys are trying something new also!

We need something to talk about, right?

I’ll be taking my time with the drafting process tho.

Only the strong… and sexy survive.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “BANG!”

  1. First i would like to say that I am your number 1 fan! I love your blog soooo very much! I had a profile account but had to delete when someone recognized me…smh…. my pic was well camouflage or so i thought…smh…what should i do? some tips pls?

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