Picture This

So lemme guess Fox of mine….

You are sitting in front of your computer,
looking at the screen.
You filled out all the necessary info on this online dating site …

…. but now you are stuck as to what PICTURE you should put up.

Well have no fear,
Jamari Fox is here.

Just what I like to see behind a private.

All jokes aside,
what are on the mutha flucka for?

Are you looking for Love? Friendship? Sex?
Are you Out? D/L? or Discreet?

Those are the important questions.

If you are OUT….

Then why are you having an issue?
Are you ugly?
Feminine as all hell?
Get over it and throw up any picture up on there.

Now this is an issue I have with OUT boys.
Why are all of your pictures photo shopped heavy?

No need for EVERY FUCKIN” PICTURE to be like that.

If You Are D/L….

No pictures.
Fake names and emails.
More than likely,
you are just trying to smash some bottom poom poom (or looking for dick) so….
send dick pictures thru the fake emails.
Hopefully for the person on the receiving end,
you aren’t ugly.


D/L but his face is open = STOLEN.

None of the D/L dudes I know rock like that.
They hit me up with no pictures and was smooth like with that intro conversation,
then sent me their pictures via email.
A lot of BALLERS do this on those late night beat sessions on Craigslist.
As I’ve heard *cough*

If You Are Discreet….

Which I am,
you are a little bit more open to the online picture trading,
Depending on the site,
I would imagine a body picture (clothed or not) as your primary,
private (face) as your hidden.
Face underneath the private, BUT be selective to who you open up your shit too.
You want to be as vague as possible, but still hinting.
Do not put a picture up in your primary with a body part that is distinct!
For the hell of it, throw your ass on there and keep it with the privates.

Remember OUT boys are like hawks and will spot you out.
Be careful with what pictures you put up in your area.

Here are some things that BUG me:

When you are selecting the pictures you are putting up,
DO NOT put some UGLY ASS pictures of you in some UGLY ASS situation.
Here is a couple examples:

You in a dirty ass room.
-Your outfit is a day late and a dollar short.
-You got on hella chap stick that your
lips look like you been deep throatin’ chicken.
-You fat as hell and only showing above shoulder shots.
-Update your pictures every 6 months. You WERE muscular last year….
…. now you are fat.
-You took some FAR AWAY shot.

…And as a TOP I speak to told me…

Too posey in your body shots assumes FEM.
Just take a picture of ya ass and put it up.
No extra needed.
No black and white.
No eloquent ass shots.
Just pose and shoot.

Not everyone is really photogenic
but at least try to put up pictures that show a GOOD side of you.

No one’s true swagger shows thru a picture
and alot of us look better in person,
so do not be so quick to judge UNLESS the photos are a constant theme of ugly.

So go forth and impress your new WOLF in waiting Fox.
May the Kodaks be with you.

Later Foxes

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “Picture This”

  1. thank yooooou sooooo much!!! i might start it up again….i almost lost hope!…new problem though…. there are these two guys….one especially…everytime i talk to him he smiles at me a certain way and looks at me a certain way that makes me feel he is attracted to me… i stopped texting & calling him to see if he would make an effort…which he did… i tried to get close to him when we met up but it didn’t work? for the year 2010, what methods would you use for me to woo him?

    1. First and foremost, does he know you get down? If so, I would say be yourself. If a man is going to want you, he is going to want you for what he sees (and no other version than that). I would say keep the subtle flirting (looking in his eyes, licking lips) on 100 and go with his flow. If you know any events (if he is straight), invite him to them and see if he takes the bait. If he doesn’t respond to anything, then he just isn’t that into you.

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