Craigslist Is The New Online Wilderness

JONES_JAMESi thought this story was such a sad one.
an f-bi sent me this and i’ve been meaning to post it.
it just goes to show you really cannot trust anything you see online.
its heartbreaking that aspiring doctor and junior at clark atlanta,
james jones jr,
had to learn that tragically when trying to buy an iphone 6 off a craigslist ad
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I’ll Let You Fuck Me Like A Hoe For That New Rihanna Deluxe Album!

i love when people use what they got to get what they want.
i really do.
some people give up the cakes for rent.
others give it up for shoes and bags.
those simpletons will give it up for dinner or mcdonalds.
but this hyena below…
he wants something better.
my great f-bi sent me this and i damn near LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLed

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Picture This

So lemme guess Fox of mine….

You are sitting in front of your computer,
looking at the screen.
You filled out all the necessary info on this online dating site …

…. but now you are stuck as to what PICTURE you should put up.

Well have no fear,
Jamari Fox is here.

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