I’ll Let You Fuck Me Like A Hoe For That New Rihanna Deluxe Album!

i love when people use what they got to get what they want.
i really do.
some people give up the cakes for rent.
others give it up for shoes and bags.
those simpletons will give it up for dinner or mcdonalds.
but this hyena below…
he wants something better.
my great f-bi sent me this and i damn near LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLed

some quick allure shots:


he is clearly an idiot.
i hope he knows he has opened the floodgates to get fucked stupid until he is a complete idiot.
a deluxe album is probably like 14 dollars.
that’s some easy “no hold’s barred” butt cheeks for that price.
that is “fucked the dog shit out of him for 14 bills” type of dick.


by the time the wolf is finished beatin that up,
his ass would need an ice pack.
not to mention he is also inviting a psycho into his home.
for a 14 dollar album.

this CANNOT be life anymore.

maybe i missed my calling?
fuck a career.
a hoe for a rihanna album.
maybe if i pop this ass smooth on a dick.,
i can get a poster?

12 thoughts on “I’ll Let You Fuck Me Like A Hoe For That New Rihanna Deluxe Album!

  1. This shit right here has got to stop. Those eyebrows though, Im literally crying laughing at this fuckery. $250 not even if she came to my living room to sing some of those songs. Good Luck to this queen with this project, I guess I am going to do a Ad for next months rent and some gas money.

  2. Just a little mind fuck for you all.

    How is this any different than what happens normally anyway? In the end, we all pay for sex anyway, to some extent. Especially if you’re actively dating.

  3. If that deluxe album dont have no real diamonds in it, for that price, Im not buying. I can buy a Tab for that much and download the songs myself.

  4. power to the slut but than giving it away free like he usually does atleast he will get a album one of the times.

  5. This is why I say people hoe because they want to. He doesn’t want money for an album he just wants sex lol. It’s kind of sad though, but I bet he has been getting a lot of hits on that ad literally.

    1. Oh this one:

      The “Diamonds Executive Platinum Box” will cost a whopping $250, but will include an endless amount of goodies.

      The platinum box will include a t-shirt, seven art-print lithographs, a vinyl record with remixes of “Diamonds,” a 2GB flash memory drive, 40-page booklet with album lyrics, stickers, fan mosaic poster, a white and silver ViewMaster filled with never-before-seen 3D pictures of Rihanna, and most importantly, a personal handwritten letter by the singer herself.

      1. I doubt he’s talking about that lol. Well if that’s the case, anybody who pays $250 for some booty is just crazy.

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