The Two Wolves Who Move In Silence

the f-bi has been on it lately.i’m getting so many emails about these stray wolves.
today, i was sent an email about these 2 actor/model wolves.
they are both church wolves so who knows where this will go.
i know of one because i lusted after his body in the early 2000s.

the other one i’d want to lust his body too…

everyone meet keeland ellis

and richard gallion.

i know keeland because he was the wolf of myspace (yes, myspace).
his picture use to be everywhere.
i’m now being introduced to,
but i wouldn’t mind letting him take me down on my knees (jesus style).
sorry i’m trying to be good.
they are both part of a movement called “M.I.S“.
that translates into “moving in silence“.
i’ll let them both explain because it’s interesting….

[vimeo w=500&h=291]


i. am. in. love. with. richard.
i. want. that.

i found his acting reel:


all i want to do is fxck your body.
tonight’s your lucky night i know you want me….
i don’t even need to know your name….
i just need to know whose place….

here is keeland:


he is very handsome.
they are down for that whole “god is one and we are god” thing.
one of two things come with that.
you already know.
don’t need to go there.
i always like a church wolf tho.
i already know what happens in that realm.
they tend to be the biggest freaks.
trust, i’ve had my share.
lord knows i haven’t been in a saint.

i know they are about to pray after reading this entry.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “The Two Wolves Who Move In Silence”

      1. I hate to say it, but the religious ones are the BIGGEST freaks by far.

        They will fuck and suck you 7 ways from Sunday and still be on time for church.

        1. ^i love a sexy church wolf.
          i don’t like the “back and forth” though.
          one minute you and him fucking good,
          and next minute he is straight again.
          then when he gets bored of being straight,
          then he is back on the prowl.

          if they cut all that bullshit,
          stop living by this code in the bible,
          (sin, repent, sin, repent, sin, repent)
          and do their thing and believe in god….

          …. we could be fucking good.
          lit and figuratively.

  1. Maybe they feel restricted and once they let loose on you…the Earth moves.

    A porn star doesn’t have shit on a choir boy that hasn’t been laid in a while.

    Yeah, they’re wishy washy, but when you’re that freaky I’ll be waiting when you ready to sin again. Lol j/k

  2. Meh….I will leave them for you guys to fight over! I can’t with church gays. They keep up to much mess and are the biggest hoes in my personal experiences. I ‘dated’ three exclusively and they were all basket cases…no sir!

    1. LOL I’m with you. They look good, but the religious one are the worst and they usually aren’t comfortable with themselves.

    2. Amen, Im with you, had a little fling with a Pastor a couple of years ago and it was the weirdest craziest thing I have ever been involved in. They are trying to convert you one minute and sleep with you the next. Never again, unless its Meagan Goode new husband, Lawd forgive me.

  3. I would drop to my knees for Gallion but I can’t promise you I will be praying. That thang is phyne as hell…tall dark and handsome…them hands tell me all I need to know; he working with sumtin!

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