Too Much Time Has Passed Since I Touched Those Little Boys!

elmo has made a statement.
left me looking like when i read it:

i hope he wasn’t being serious…

Kevin Clash — the former voice of Elmo on “Sesame Street” — says the three men who accused him of sexually abusing them as minors have no case against him … because too much time has passed since the alleged abuse.

Clash has just filed a motion to dismiss the three lawsuits filed against him by Cecil Singleton and two other unidentified men.

According to Clash, the statute of limitations on the sexually-motivated crimes he’s accused of committing is six years — and the crimes in each instance allegedly occurred more than ten years ago.



what to think?
what to think?
i do believe that some of them jackals are trying to come off his money.
especially that transgendered one.
what elmo said tho………
…. basically made him look guilty AF.
is it just me?

9 thoughts on “Too Much Time Has Passed Since I Touched Those Little Boys!

  1. Eh.

    I’m not sure if he’s admitting he did anything as much as he’s using the best legal defense he can to get him out of trouble.

    He could use the defense that he just didn’t do it, but that isn’t as solid as saying the case can no longer be legally pursued.

    That said, I think he did it.
    I just don’t think those queens are traumatized. They were young, fast, amd looking for some established ass.

    They’re looking for a quick buck.

  2. Creepy McCreeperton should know justice has no expiration date.

    You get what you dish out. If any of his dealings were coerced its time to pay the piper…instead of being one.

  3. Yea, I’m starting to believe he did it at this point, but I just think those dudes just want money from him. If I had met him when I was a minor, I would have fucked and kept my mouth closed, and he would have gave me what I asked for. I’m not needy or greedy, whatever he gave me I would have took. I call that a fuck and collect system lol. I service him, and I collect the benefits lol.

    He is right about the statute of limitations tho. I just did a paper on that not too long ago. In certain states a victim has to come forward with their case in a certain amount of time. Kevin did his research or he has a good lawyer nearby lol.

    1. ^a very intelligent answer as usual.

      he should have said something else,
      or nothing at all.
      his lawyer should issue him a gag order.
      those jackals are going hard i see.
      elmo must have fucked them up mentally.
      they should have taken that check and be somewhere in hawaii by now.

  4. In other news I just saw Casper smart (*straight* cough) walking the ballroom in leave it on the floor

      1. lol silly, i watched in on netflix couple hours ago, never have been and will ever go to one of those

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