these trans vixens went to the straight club and the end result was disturbing

*the following entry is rated r for disturbing images.
viewer discretion is strongly advised.

there is a reggae song that i heard as a little one in barbados that absolutely disturbed me.
it was about a vixen who cheated on her man and told her to strip naked in the middle of town.
talmbout he bought this so…


i can’t remember the name of it but as a kid,
i found the song to be absolutely disturbing.
all the straights loved and sung it all the time.
some folks can be really inhumane.
^those trans vixens found themselves in trouble at a straight club.
when the jackals in the club found out they were trans,
they were stripped naked and…


are they the original trans vixens in the beginning?
one has a black choker on.
is that a black mask?
either way…

How disgusting is this?

did it have to even go there?
i heard a “wahgwan” in the background so i got heavy jamaican energy,
but i’m picking up another language than heavy patios.
either way,
this seems like a country where they aren’t gay-friendly.
what a disturbing video.
i hope they were able to get back to their homes safely.

Author: jamari fox

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18 thoughts on “these trans vixens went to the straight club and the end result was disturbing”

  1. Shoutout to the young man with the dreads who was trying to what it looks like protect them. If this is Jamaica these trans women definitely should’ve known better. Their tolerance for anything LGBT is non existent. I understand wanting to feel a sense of normalcy, but we know good and well the type of world we live in. Some don’t make it out alive.

    1. ^ i felt like i heard wahgwan but i heard what felt like a whole other language too.
      if it is jamaica,
      it’s pretty obvious how disgusting they can be.

      out of all the islands,
      they are the worst and boldest when it comes to this.
      they make their hatred very clear.

  2. This isn’t Jamaica, based solely on the fact that they’re not mainly speaking English. Int’s definitely somewhere in Africa.

    I know PLENTY of out gays in Jamaica, and Trans females too. It’s honestly a lot more overlooked in Kingston, MoBay, Spanish Town.

    I’ve seen openly Trans women and drag queens walking the corners and in the clubs.

    In the more rural sections of Jamaica, Mandeville and the like, way in the mountains you DON’T want to be openly flaunting it. I mean I know a lot of gay guys there too, but they’re more or less discreet.

    The thing about Jamaica, they are less likely to actually physically harm you if you don’t make advances on certain uncultured straight guys. Stay in the community and don’t make too much of a scene where the attention drawn on you is sharpened to focus on your sexuality.

    If you’re in a poorer community, try TRY to get out. They lack serious levels of enlightenment and general breeding.

    If you’re gay and have money in Jamaica, no one will bother you and your community would likely be more open minded.

    I know literal government ministers who are gay and have some weird relationships with their assistants and friends. It helps being insulated with power and that’s sad.

    Jamaica is…..interesting.

    1. ^jamaica always gets a rep for being homophobic.
      i know the males will be homophobic af,
      but will still try to fuck you on the low.
      it’s interesting to hear all of this about jamaica.

      thank you for bringing insight.

  3. Also, this video is hella tragic and brings me to tears. Seriously, I hope those girls are safe, and are able to recover from the trauma and get out.

    FUCK ALLL OF THOSE OTHER PEOPLE. Fucking uncivilized bitches who resort to that sort of public shaming. Jesus christ I hope they suffer, SUFFER on this earth.

    1. They are boys with long hair trying to be feminine, trying be and act girls. They are so cute. They don`t have breasts. I have watched the video. Thanks,Jamari for the link.

  4. I don’t know why these homophobic countries always shame and humiliate their LGBT communities in the most homoerotic or sexual ways. I remember some gays in South Africa being forced to eat each others ass in front of everybody. Like, what’s the point of making them strip down in front of you…???? I guess when you are blinded by bigotry you don’t realize these things. We gonna throw yo’ ass in jail with a whole bunch of sex-deprived men for engaging in homosexual activity… Yeah, that makes total sense.

    Also, I have a feeling the trans-girls weren’t there for no reason…if you catch my drift.

      1. As someone with LGBT friends that live on the Continent, I can tell you that 99.9% of them would hop on the first thang smoking to get to the “homophobic” USA. ‘Cuz while we are still fighting for our rights, we don’t have to worry about being incarcerated for being gay, or delivered “jungle justice (look it up) for being trans…

    1. Humiliation. They figure by humiliating them in front of people they would change their ways, completely ignorant of who they are. It’s wrong but some countries actually have laws where death is the only answer. Some, not many, are tied to religious beliefs and all types of things.

  5. This video is tragic and very disturbing, however I can definitely sympathize with them but it would be difficult to empathize with them because where ever they are in Africa, they grew up there and they KNEW! the risks of their actions, HBO is doing special documentary airing on June 29 about the laws and dangers facing gays in Nigeria (, is it our obsession with “straight” males that warps our sense of reality and makes us put ourselves at risk? I understand they wanted to prove their trans existence and acceptance but at what cost? They would have been much safer if they would have partied in their familiar gay spaces but they wanted to challenge their societal structure and the consequences could have been much worse, than what we saw. .

  6. These SAVAGES actually like this and are sexually excited. Very twisted and sad. I can’t believe things like this still happen.

  7. Why go where you do not belong? I bet you the girl in the white dressed exposed them. Social media has lgbt people deceived and believing that what is acceptable online is acceptable across the board. A lot of you all forget the lgbt community isn’t as big outside of the internet where similar voices can come together at a click, and real niggas ain’t with the shits.

    This is disgusting and it shouldn’t have happened, but they played with fire and got burned. Homophobia and transphobia is still alive and well, don’t let Twitter and pride defaults fool you. I live in the Midwest, and your ass is still a pariah if you’re openly gay. They will smile in your face but you’re still a weird, punk word that rhymes with maggot who is condemned to hell at the kitchen table.

  8. People will attack what they don’t understand. As a kid, it confused me that Rupaul was a man and then next thing you know, she was a woman. I didn’t know shit about a breast plate and the whole routine until he put it on TV. I didn’t know what a Tranny was or what a Drag Queen was.

  9. Explain, what’s the difference between a transwoman and a drag queen. To an ignorant person, those ladies would either be drag queens or cross dressers. We don’t know if they are transitioning to become a woman. They were stripped of their identity.

  10. “Show us who you really are” is the question they say around the world. They are just now getting gays and lesbians. Now to get them to understand Trans, it takes a lot.

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