The Wolves in my Neighborhood

I have some pretty fine Wolves in my neighborhood.

I was blessed to move to a neighborhood with eye candy.
And I mean especially in the summer time!

It is like a wet dream come to life.

Most of them are either young, dope, or hood boys.
Then there are the ones who stand out…
Some of these Wolves I have spoken to briefly,
while others it is a “I see ya when I see ya… and boy, do I see ya“.

Let me introduce you to some of them…


He looks like the taller leaner version of Trey Songz and he is in his mid-20s.
He keeps to himself pretty much.
He drives a real nice hooked up car (as most Spanish Wolves do).
I saw him first when I moved there.
Unfortunately, the po-po were frisking him.
They were feeling all over that body and his semi fat cakes.
Made him lift up his shirt and I saw those abs.
I was in lust ever since.
In the summertime, he is always wearing no shirts and wife beaters.
Only issue with him…
he sometimes wears sandals and I confused a gigantic corn on his foot as another toe.

SB Look-A-Like Wolf

I call him My Husband on the 8th Floor.
He is the spitting image of SB,
Nicki Minaj’s minion boyfriend my new fuck buddy friend hype man.
He has a son that visits on most weekends, early 20s, and lives with his grandparents.
I bumped into him coming out the elevator and instantly, was in crush.
What stood out with him one day was when I wearing this BAD fit.
You ever wore something and everything looked and fit just right?
Well, I was coming out my building and he was out there talking to his boys.
When they saw me, it was like they just stopped and eye fucked me HARD.
Mouth’s hanging open ‘n shit.
It was like a movie and I was walking in slow motion.
Ever since then, I would catch him staring at me when he saw me.
We spoke a few times but nothing major.
This is a developing story…

Young Africa Wolf

He is real quiet, early 20s, and nerdy looking
Dark skin, African, and FINE: just how I like em.
He has a lot of family who lives in the neighborhood and he chills with 2 or 3 dudes.
He is another one who eye smashes me when he sees me.
I remember I was in the elevator with this lady and he was speaking to her…
He was talking to her and looking at me.
Of course, I was staring him down so he had no choice.
You know you want to look at me so don’t fight it.
Get my number while you are at it.
Only issue is with him…
He kinda always wears the same thing.
That same thing usually includes track pants.

The Spanish Wolf With The Insta-Body

He lives in the building down the street.
I use to see him all the time and he was kind of scrawny and dusty looking.
He use to rock cornrows and his skin was bad.
But that Wolf EVOLVED into .
He cut his cornrows, started wearing better clothes, worked out, and cleaned his skin up.
His body is sooooooooo right!!!
I was coming out to go to the bodega one day,
and he was coming out his building wearing a deep V Neck.
He had pecs, arms, a nice back, and a nice muscular Wolf tail.

Another one who eye pipes me when he sees me, but he looks young.
Probably 19ish.
I really don’t careeeeeee.
HE IS LEGAL!!!!!!!!!
Gimmie some of that.

Sexy Neighbor Next Door

I have spoken about him already here.
He usually leaves his window wide open as he is fucking some chick.
Well, he is still there and still fine.
Invested in some curtains.
So, now, I would catch him after the smash session when he opens his window.
Dripping with fuck sweat, glistening, and throwing the condom out.

He kinda looks like a young version of 50 Cent with the upper body.
He looks like he is 20 or so.

I hear all the time do not shit where you eat.
Well I don’t give a SHIT because I want one of them to EAT me.
I would have to break that rule with one (ALL) of those Wolves.
So my question to you is…

Do you have any sexy neighbors?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “The Wolves in my Neighborhood”

  1. Maybe Young Africa is wearing track pants cuz he doesn’t…’fit well’ in other pants lol

    Iont see too many in the ‘burbs…one of the disadvantages of not living in the city. And the ones around work are usually too young, but there’s often enough eye candy when it’s warm like this. I’m not looking forward to winter when they start covering up 🙁

    1. ^i thought the burbs was the perfect place to hot sheltered people.
      usually washing cars shirtless.
      asking to mow your lawn… so you can mow theirs.
      of age of course.
      anything under 18 is not allowed for this fantasy.

      1. Not in my neighborhood, it’s rather quiet and more families, so younger kids.

        And you weren’t looking at his crotch before? lolol

  2. why are you worried about the guy with the corn… unless you are into toes…and I have a question about the guy throwing the condom out.. Is he throwing it out the window?… then again its the concrete jungle so of course right… have you ever ran down to pick it up to see the size? you can tell the size by the way a used condom looked… lol…. ( just a thought)

    1. ^it was just real big and looked like it was filled with pus.
      caught me by surprise lol

      and yeah,
      he throws it out the window.
      nasty, but he looks like “i fucked some pussy real good” after.

      and you can? how?

  3. I live in a suburban area an got a neighbor who is always hanging out smoking cigarettes, drinking in my complex just making an otherwise nice area ghetto as hell, one of my friends who always comes by my spot sees him and starts saying that he knows the type; dont work, living with some girl who probably takes care of him, I have seen him with a sort of heavy set professional looking chick, he sags, always in a du-rag, smoking blunts openly having his ghetto homeboys over who are all fine too, and he is sexy as hell. I have a weakness for thugs dont judge me(LOL). Im always agreeing with my friend negative assessment about him, but secretly crushing on him. My friends got me on thug therapy and I try to play like Im not feeling these types of dudes, but its a lie. Man if I lived in your neighborhood, I would think I am in Heaven. It something about this str8 forbidden fruit that have intrigue gay men since the beginning of times. Look good, but are no damn good!

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