The Sounds Of A Man Of The Woods Taking A Crap

justin timberlake looks awful.
absolutely awful.
or did he always look like ^this and i wasn’t paying attention?
i don’t remember him looking so “town and country”.

i listened to “man on the woods” at work yesterday and well…

it felt like background noise.
forgettable background noise.
not even the type when you cleaning and get distracted by it.
you know the type of music i’m talking about?
you start dancing with the mop and shit.
this was just boring.
at one point,
it went off and i didn’t even notice.
the only song that stood out was “morning light” with alicia keys.
i don’t even understand the whole theme either.
is it supposed to be country?
it wasn’t so why is he posing in plaid and laying with horses?
he should have appropriated black culture a little more for a hit.
i’m shocked he didn’t have a ton of rappers to see him through.
the whole album showed me he has no swag without “us”.
they usually don’t.

Author: jamari fox

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10 thoughts on “The Sounds Of A Man Of The Woods Taking A Crap

  1. Ha ha ha!!!! He’s got nothing without our shit that he borrows/ steals/ is given by the so called geniuses that want a hit. Now that a kick in the head. Hopefully he goes to that same place Usher went after “Confessions”. Hell I would even take a trade if Usher improved his content.

    1. P.S. Janet better be careful getting on stage with this fool that left her to burn! I am just saying she could use that the bump if she is gonna keep her career going (even though she is already ICONIC)!! Just saying tread lightly bitch cause he a damn sucka!!

      1. ^i hope janet is on an island right now.
        i pray she isn’t rehearsing to get back on that stage with him again.
        And if he is,
        he better expose himself on accident.

      1. I never thought she was talented. She used that “twerking” moment (if you wanna call it that) to get a quick shot in the arm for her “music career”.

  2. OMG! We’re on the same wave when it comes to Justin! The only song I liked was the one with Alicia. I 2 told my friends he should have stick with stealing our culture. 😂🤣 Glad to read I was not the only one. I’m also hating that he gonna perform at the Super Bowl and Janet is still banned. They love taking our culture but doing us dirty. That is all that Super Bowl thing makes me think so I AM not happy about it.

  3. He looks worn down. Not aging well at all.
    The album was seriously lacking. The only track I like is Montana.
    Even the duet with Alicia Keys (who has fallen off so badly) was hard on the ears.

  4. Ugggh!! I pray to God that Janet isn’t performing with this hasbeen. Janet is a ICON! I bet you anything that if she performs with him all kinds of hate will come out against her. Please don’t do it Janet.

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