When Your Best Friend of 9 Years Turns On You

i’m legit scared of pitbulls now.
when i see one coming in my direction,
because let’s be real they are hood dogs,
i’m crossing the street.
these dogs are legit two faced.
a few foxholers send me articles about pits.
well a vixen learned that after 9 years,
her pit didn’t have her back.
a vix-bi sent me this story and well…

A woman has warned against pit bulls after her ‘gentle’ dog of nine years suddenly turned and launched a vicious attack which resulted in her losing an arm.

Traumatized Yasmin Adam, 45, was left lying in a pool of blood and fearing for her life after her beloved dog Sir Hinkles mauled her.

The brutal assault took place after Yasmin attempted to break up a play fight between Sir Hinkles and her two other dogs.

The previously good-natured animal suddenly started barking before launching himself at Yasmin, biting her ear and tearing flesh from her arms.

Yasmin says bloodthirsty Sir Hinkles, a nine-year-old red-nose pitbull, chewed on the bone in her left arm for nine minutes before police arrived and shot him dead.

The former quality control technician had recently moved to Fort Lauderdale, in Florida from Greenville, South Carolina, with her pets when the attack happened.

Yasmin said: ‘I guess there was tension after the other dogs were fighting. Next thing I know he jumps up and bites my ear.

‘I knew what was going on but I didn’t feel any pain. I guess I was in shock.

‘Sir Hinkles went back in his cage then, but all I can think of was that he got a taste of blood because he came right back out and bit me on my right arm.

‘After that he attacked me on and off for nine minutes. The dog ripped all the meat off my lower left arm, and that’s gone now.

‘I just stopped fighting the dog. I figured I was going to die. He kept trying to pull the bone out of my arm.’

Fortunately, a friend who was also living in the apartment, alerted the police, who pepper sprayed the vicious dog before shooting him.

Doctors at Broward General Hospital, Florida, battled to save Yasmin’s left arm for three weeks before it was decided that amputation was the only way forward.

She said: ‘It was the most painful thing I’ve ever experienced in my life.

‘I could see the bone clear as day. Eventually, they amputated it from just above my elbow on December 26.

‘I’m just working on getting my right arm functional again. He ripped that arm apart too, but not as badly.

‘I can’t move my wrist and I have limited movement in my fingers. To be honest I thought I was going to die so to have just lost my arm I feel lucky.’

Yasmin, who is unmarried, was in hospital for six months after the attack and during her time there, her two other dogs were put down.

While Yasmin was upset she couldn’t save them, she now warns people about the dangers of owning this breed of dog as, prior to the attack, Sir Hinkles had never shown signs of aggressive behavior.

She said: ‘I loved him so much. He slept with me in my bed, he never was out of line.

‘He was always so gentle with children and really friendly. He never snapped at cats or little kittens, he never touched a kitten.

‘I didn’t even have to put him on a leash because he was such a good-natured dog.

‘I loved Hinkles, I had him for nine years but he turned on me in nine minutes. Now I warn people against these types of dogs.

‘People always say ‘It’s how you raise a dog that matters’, and I was one of those people.

‘And I do believe to a certain extent that’s true. But animals have an instinct they can’t overpower and that’s what happened with my dog.

‘I thought he would never do anything like that and look at me now.

‘Don’t be tricked into thinking they aren’t capable of doing something like this.’

i love dogs,
but i’m cool on being a cat person.
when i see videos like this:

and this potential drama here:

don’t get me started @6:12:

these videos scream “run bitch run”.

you don’t know when they’ll turn on you.
so what do folks with pits do now after all these videos?
put them down?
give them away?
drive to a forest and throw them out the window?
i’m sorta okay with impending banishment.
i wish yasmin the best after that traumatic incident.

article cc: the daily mail

6 thoughts on “When Your Best Friend of 9 Years Turns On You

  1. I can’t speak for anybody else experience but my own and I’ve had many of plenty of pits and for short and long periods and never had this happen not even close the bottom line is any animal can attack period I hate when its always geared to a set breed anything with teeth can attack including us so miss me with that Pits are that dog No Any dog is that dog depending on that situation

  2. I have always tried to keep an open mind about pitbulls. And for the most part I still do. However, I will never advocate them as pets… and I will never consider adopting one. TOO unpredictable…

  3. I wonder if that was a rescue dog or if it was a dog that she had since a puppy?

    I’d be more hesitant if it were a rescue dog because you don’t know how the previous owner treated the dog, so there could be scars. Maybe the other dogs fighting triggered some kind of “trauma” which set the dog off?

    I for one trust NO animal, no matter what owners/people say, because at some point that animal instinct is going to kick in…and it could be fatal.

  4. I absolutely love cats a lot. People say cats are creepy but they are very mysterious animals, in-tune with the spiritual world. Cats also absorb negative energy and transfer moods. If you ever want to feel good, get a cat, let it purr in your life while rub it and your mood will change.

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