the bold and the beautiful: sheree whitfield and matrell holt debut their love

you know how i know someone is infamous?
when i write something about them and ya’ll blow up my box.
love and marriage: huntsville,
matrell holt,
is one of those wolves.
word on the foxvine is matrell has really good pipe.
he has quite the dick resume with the vixens.
i got the story he has a blackbelt in blowin’ backs out.
is this why sheree has enrolled in his classes?
per tmz

Sources in the know tell TMZ … Sheree is dating Martell Holt from “Love & Marriage Huntsville” and they’ve been seeing each other for a little over two months.

As you see, Sheree and Martell are at that point … taking cutsie selfies together. They’re not yet Instagram official … for what that’s worth.

We got Sheree at Beauty Box MD in Sandy Springs, GA where she said she met Martell through mutual friends and already feels comfortable enough to introduce him to some of her pals and even a few family members.

Sheree says Martell’s helping her build her clothing line, She by Sheree, which she’s wearing in the clip and is planning to unveil on the ‘RHOA’ finale.

sheree has paparazzi and connects to tmz?

why is he helping her with her clothing line?
does he do clothes?
either way,
i don’t mind him knocking sheree down a few times.
font what you want:

Martell is built to fuck.

his bawdy and fuckboi charisma adds to his sex appeal.
the issue with these types is wanting more.
these types are dangerous for the lonely.
you wait all that time and then “good dick gregory” fucks it all up.

Martell already has 5 kids,
an ex-wife he may go back to,
and a mouthy (ex?) hoe in the background.

ain’t no good dick worth becoming a crazy person for.
stranger things have happened and it could have potential.

lowkey: he does make for good tv so i’m here for that crossover to rhoa.

article to see a video with sheree: tmz

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “the bold and the beautiful: sheree whitfield and matrell holt debut their love”

  1. Told you she needed a dick fix. I know she not waiting on those joggers from the last time she was on the show. They never came out.

    1. ^they should drop work out videos.
      for 50s,
      sheree’s bawdy is AMAZING.
      martell and her would sell a lot of videos for folks trying to get in shape again.

  2. He doesn’t take accountability for ANYTHING. But ur right Jamari, they should do workout vids. Both of their bodies are sick!

  3. They both have kids and exes so it’s actually a perfect fit for both their messy asses to fuck and get clout. I’m here for it and Sheree ride that horse extra good for me.

  4. Fake storyline. Remember Kenya and her first season and her fake boyfriend? Kenya and her other boyfriend Matt? Kenya and her marriage? Three fake storylines. Sheree could be on the DL. Andy Cohen counts on viewers being gullible and eager to watch his franchise garbage. I will pass, but for those who watch, enjoy.

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