The Biggest Dick That Ever Fucked Your Mind Up

i did it again.
i’m starting to think this is a thrill for me.
some people get on roller coasters.
some people jump off cliffs.
some people wrestle alligators.
i like to mind fuck.
i like to slowly penetrate into a wolf’s head.
i play around inside a bit.
find out his weaknesses.
what your interests are, “who you be with”?
things to make you smile, what numbers to dial
you gon’ be here for a while, I’m gon’ go call my crew
you go call your crew
we can rendezvou at the bar around two…..
i went there.
anyway, what makes him tick,
why he do what he do….ya know?
little by little,
I like to make my presence known until he comes to me…..

i did it to him today.
but wait, hear me out before you boo me.
he deserved it!
no seriously, he did.
he pissed me off.

“so you just not gonna answer this phone jamari?”

another text message.
that makes 20.
he done called me all day.
what part of the equation does he need help with.
here he goes calling me again….

“hello?” i answered nonchalantly.
“oh so now you answer the fucking phone?”
“whoa! language.”
“where was you all day?”

“what do you mean? i was in the shower.”
“all day?”
“what’s up baby?”
“you got my message?”
“you left me 15. which one was i suppose to check?”
“don’t play stupid.”
“why would i play such a game?”

did he have to think about this?

“we need to talk.”
“we are talking.”
“no, we need to talk about what happened.”
“i don’t… recall…”
“so you really going to play stupid right now jamari?”
“i told you i would never play that game.”


did he just… hang…

god i love his brooklyn accent.
i think he was mad.

i open up my ipad and start to read my GQ magazine subscription.
i know what you are thinking.
i’m not the total bad guy here.
ya know, he fucked up!
i know you guys think, “wow what an asshole.
first off, how the fuck he just decides to hang up on me?
i know.
may have been my doing, but still he pressed “end” on his iphone.
then, how do you get mad at me when you fucked up?
a typical fox would be trying to work things out.
i make them feel hell.
that place of loneliness.
they can’t resist me once i come into their life.
i actually show them a better way of living.
i show them their maximum potential.
i’m the fuckin’ shit didn’t you know?

but, i can’t lie.
i like this one.
he isn’t a complete idiot.
he is actually nice to me.
we do spend nights talking about our pasts and futures.
he isn’t scared to express himself.
not to mention, he is sexy and has the mouth of a hoover.
when he is sucking on these cakes, i swear i go to other planets and shit.
i remember when i saw his dick for the first time.
i told him it was small.
he got mad.
he proceeded to to’,
not even tear,
but to’ … into my ass something serious.
sometimes i like to pick fights just to get that good dick.
he is real boring without a challenge.
i’ve realized that.
that is why he is so successful in his career.
he likes a challenge.

but, he was actually a challenge to fuck with before all the good stuff came.
he was not open to any suggestions.
he was a stubborn ass nigga.
he is use to being the boss.
not in this world.
i had to really put in work to wrap him around my finger.
he told me how stupid his last fox was.
he shouldn’t have done that.

now, he can’t stop…
yup, calling me again.
wow, he is calling again.
i think i’ll let this one go to voice mail for the next couple of days.
no one hangs up on me.

don’t look at me with that face.
i’ll answer his call later.
Ok fine!
I’ll call him!
your my “smart friend”.
couldn’t you be the ghetto one?

he can bring dinner.

Written By Jamari Fox
A Short Story Based On Real Events

(C) 8.18.12 12:50am

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “The Biggest Dick That Ever Fucked Your Mind Up”

  1. Love it!!!! More foxes need to take this approach! Stop being a white girl and taking these sorry ass ninjas back after they’ve done wrong! MAKE THEM PAY!!! LOL (evil grin) j/k But seriously, I should have done this years ago to some ninjas. Would have saved me many broken hearts…

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