… You Also Owe Me 90,000 Dollars For All This Trouble!

it’s like, every hour this man’s life gets worst….
i just don’t believe it.

maybe evelyn’s pussy has bad luck in it.
this same thing happened to antonie.
how do you blow all that money and become washed up?
not only is ocho’s house facing foreclosure,
he owes 90,000 to the island he got married on…

Former NFL star Chad Johnson may be close to rock bottom now that Evelyn Lozada left him, he lost his NFL gig and he’s facing foreclosure. Get the deets on his latest woes inside……

In addition to all the other bad news, Chad Johnson has learned that his Miami condo is being foreclosed on. What happened? It turns out that he hasn’t paid the $863-maintenance fees on his $400,000-16th floor crib at Two Midtown Miami since June 2009!

That puts him at a balance of $28,703…but it gets worse. Chad just took out a $150,000-mortgage from two private Palm Beach County investors, Michael Pomerantz and well-known dermatologist Patrick McPoland. He has until June 2015 to pay the principal back.

For collateral, he used a $350,000-Miami Springs house he bought for one of his baby mamas!

Oh, but there’s more.  According to St. Marteen’s online newspaper, Today, the island may be demanding a refund of the money they spent on Chad & Ev’s wedding that took place there last month.  Apparently, St. Marteen offered up a whopping $90,000 in exchange for major publicity once Chad & Evelyn’s reality show aired.  Of course, the reality show was all about their nuptials, so the island and the resort they exchanged vows at– Le Chateau des Palmiers–would have gotten some serious air time.

But now that the show has ben cancelled by VH1, and the marriage is kaput, the Finance Minister of the country says he has every right to ask for their money back:

The airing of the show would have given St.Maarten additional publicity as a tourist destination but like all other business ventures was an investment with a risk that the government was well aware of, Finance Minister Roland Tuitt said on Wednesday.

“It’s like if you invest in a marketing program. It is a risk you take when you are in business and you are investing and if the risk happens then you have to deal with the consequences.”

He indicated that a contract had been signed and contained clauses that St.Maarten could very well use to recover its money if it is not returned voluntarily.

Prime Minister Sarah Wescott-Williams said that the matter was still to be discussed at the level of the Council of Ministers to determine what definitive action will be taken by the government.


are you kidding me??!!?!?!?
that is A LOT of money he owes.
he better put his hand on the bible and get to praying.

i find something funny.
it was almost like they were not suppose to get married that day.
he could not get to the island because there was an earthquake:

“There was an earthquake on our wedding day!” Lozada told RadarOnline.com in an exclusive interview. “We were in the Caribbean on the island St. Maartin, I didn’t even think they had earthquakes there.”

“This is Mrs. Johnson, not Chad for the first time in a few days… There was a REAL earthquake, thunderstorms, then a wedding. #PerfectDay,” the reality vixen tweeted.

“Still tripping about the earthquake!!! 5.2 on the richter scale!!! 30 minutes before I walked down the aisle! Only on my day! #CoolS**t,” Chad tweeted.”

maybe that was a sign they were not suppose to get married?
either way, this has gone from sugar to a pile of shit way to fast.
i pray he finds some sort of way to at least get his money up.

lowkey: what has been happening with her?
besides her BIL dying….
is it wrong to ask if she should chip in some money for the island bill at least?
why didn’t vh1 pay?
or, was it on a “the sponsors from the show” will pay type of situation?

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34 thoughts on “… You Also Owe Me 90,000 Dollars For All This Trouble!”

  1. This shit doesn’t make sense. Each day it goes from bad to worse. This man might have money by the end of next week. SMH. All over a headbutt.

  2. The moral of this story is “Not to live outside your means”. He’s cocky but half way broke and bankrupt, He’s cocky but hasn’t been productive since 08, He’s cocky but cause a rift in his marriage smashing some bum ass becky and leaving condom receipts around. If anything he was riding Evelyn’s wave of publicity and not the other way around. I’m sure she knew about his financial woes and baby mamma drama but still stuck it out with his ass. This prove that this guy is a loser and don’t deserve all this sympathy he’s getting, he’s also a known womanizer….and often used his status to get pussy, so why should we feel sorry for him for getting a so called “Fame Hustler” in the likes of Evelyn. He played himself like he’s play so many other people “Tough break nigga” I find it puzzling that some of these Black Gay men on here are riding for Chad when he can give two fucks about yall ass, nor will you see the schlong. Classic case of putting the Straight Baller Wolves on pedestals when they prefer women at the helm.

    You reap what you sow——>Chad Ocho No Dinero LOL!

    1. ^you come off like a totally heartless person.
      if someone makes one mistake in life, they are absolutely shit.
      they should crawl in a hole and die.
      never to be seen again.

      1. He’s made constant mistakes and was very reckless in they way he handle things…Chad has a bad reputation in the league, why you think that few people are taking a chance on him. Oh and news flash he hit a woman in the face for which I believe. Heartless has nothing to do with it, heartless is the way you attacked Evelyn when she was a victim in this particular situation. She has her faults and contribute to the crap people says about her but she didn’t deserve to be hit for confronting her husband for what appears to be infidelity. He does things for publicity for the most part, and who cares what he do in good faith it still doesn’t cause for you to hit your wife.

        1. ^this is the same vixen who threw a wine bottle,
          then a plate,
          at someone’s head because they said something about her behind her back.
          a thick bottle that could have fucked that woman up and sent that broad to jail.
          when you emit evil out,
          karma comes in.
          chad is getting his.
          evelyn got hers.
          people are having a hard time feeling sorry for her after she showed us who she was on television.
          the end.

      2. Those women feed into it that type of behavior just as much as she did, and VH1 provided the outlet and profit from it…Nobody press charges on Evelyn either. The End is with you bringing that tired ol analysis up. This isn’t some scripted reality show of bitches behaving badly, this is about a man who lash out on his wife because he was caught cheating. You’re very arrogant and think your word is the law anytime somebody criticized or debates with you on a particular position you discuss, you start flaming out like a Queen. I don’t hate the man but I don’t think he’s shown that he’s worthy of all this sympathy no more than she is….I’m not attacking you personally so don’t come off with character attacks calling me heartless, simply because I don’t feel sorry for some nigga you like and attracted to.

        1. ^awww thanks flex.
          thats the sweetest thing you ever said to me.
          i’ll remember never to bring up jennifer williams or nicki minaj…
          ya know, when you become a flaming queen.

          our queens should go have tea one day after we look for new crowns.
          what do ya say!?

      3. Please I can careless who you bring up, those were topics of debate….you the one who got made and queen out simply because somebody didn’t agree with you. Well you do wear that crown the best, even the Queen of England would be jealous.

        1. ^good one.
          points for that.
          but at the end of the day,
          you proved you can’t handle a simple debate.
          you aren’t old enough for it.
          i never heard of a stan for evelyn.
          nicki minaj, ok.
          evelyn lozada, sketch city.

          1. …and you contradicted yourself.
            so i suggest you stop talking because every time you type,
            you come off more and more like you got anger issues.
            now i see why you like evelyn.

            have a good night flex.

      4. Negro please you prove that you are just like the simple minded sensitive queens that you protest against…My nights are always good. Later Miss Elisabeth 😉

      5. I wouldn’t be surprise if you featured me on an upcoming bashing thread, in which you would try to rally your blog audience against me….I’m not a follower, sorry if I can’t be a zombie for your opinions Lizzy…I’m not a subject underneath the Jamari Crown.

        1. ^i think you did your own bashing today actually.
          i don’t bash my readers who provide great comments.
          i love everyone who visits and shares an opinion, story, or struggle.
          i just write and provide an outlet for people who need a place to feel safe.
          i thought you would be my brightest star since you always gave a good comment here or there…
          …that is, until recently.
          you unfortunately provided a spectacle that was sad to witness and i will pray you come back with a brighter and better attitude!

  3. god forbid we were to mention that he paid for 200 of his fan’s food at kfc in harlem, just because.
    or the fact he actually replies to his fans on twitter.
    or he invited a recently widowed fan to the wedding.
    i’m not saying this is a reason to want to suck his dick,
    but he liked attention JUST LIKE the broad he married.
    he didn’t rape a child or kill someone.
    he didn’t stab her.
    you not gonna tell me she was knitting a scarf and he went off on her.
    you not gonna tell me she didn’t flip on him either.
    and then what puzzles me is she agreed to him cheating on her:


    i haven’t heard nothing good from her besides shopping, hoing, and throwing bottles on television.
    instigating fights and being the typical mean girl.
    what has she done?
    look cute on television?
    wrote a book about her life story?
    dated a few ballers?
    this same woman had a petition against her for the violence she started on the show.
    i’m not condoning violence and he definitely shouldn’t have done it,
    but his character is not as bad as he is being made out to be.
    he definitely fucked up but i’m not gonna trash him like he has been an evil person.

    1. Why you mad tho if she wants to look cute and get a paycheck that’s her…you don’t even know this girl calm down. LMAO!

      1. But you putting youtube videos of your favorite chick trying to make a point….you’re struggling. I wouldn’t be surprise if yo ass was featured on CNN for stabbing the bitch. LOL!

        Misguided anger on your part let it go LMAO!

        1. ^ is this your way of trying to turn the tables?
          very rookie.
          here is a pointer:

          if you are gonna turn the tables on someone to make them look bad,
          make sure you bait them into flipping out on you.
          YOU hit below the belt in every “debate” you have on here.
          always make sure you are NEVER in the wrong.
          it makes it really annoying to try and have an adult conversation with you.

      2. I have never hit you below the belt, the only run in I had on here is with Random. I rarely comment on your blogs and when I do its very brief. I don’t feel like having the Queen dictate my opinions or be subjected to a thousand paragraphs on why I should see things her way. Example of this is the Nick Minaj debate and now the Chad Johnson/Evelyn love affair. LOL! You prove to me who you really are, then try to pretend like you’re the adult with your catty nonsense.

  4. Shit happens. @Flex Bugatti thanks for the reality check. LOL once i saw him on basketball wives i know his ass was broke.

  5. I don’t feel sorry for him in the least. This is not the first woman accusing him of violence. Plus the man has made millions of dollars as an athlete and had a chance to screw tons of ho’s. I should feel sorry for him because he can’t pay his bills? Sorry I just don’t have sympathy for Johnson or his wife. I know people who are out of work and are having to sell everything to make ends meet. I have a relative just diagnosed with cancer. I feel sorry for those people.I don’t fee sorry for a millionaire who can’t manage his affairs.

    1. THANK YOU!!! Him being a so called “Attractive Baller Wolf” has distorted some of these dudes thinking. He played a critical role into that nonsense and he knew who he was laying in the sheets with. He sought her ass out on Twitter not the other way around. He even mentions that in earlier interviews, so I don’t know what these niggas are on jumping down this woman’s throat. Handle your finances, take care your business on the Football field, quit being a fame whore, and keep your hands off women….then we could have some sympathy for your downfalls.

  6. Evelyn got that voodoo pussy. A man fuck her over and his whole life falls to chambles.lol. But I hope she learns to cleanse her life of all that violence and negativity from her life. She needs to let go of her past hurt because it has become a cancer in her life. As for Chad, I saw this coming for a long-time. The man changed his name to Ochocinco, has umpteen kids by numerous women, did a reality show were he degraded women, and went on bbw for attention (Did he not hit Evelyn up on twitter first? he knew what he was getting into regardless)….oh lets not forget the whole head butting his wife thing. I’ll feel bad that he has to go through this pain, but i don’t feel “sorry for him” because this is not some unwarranted unexpected chain of events. This is the real karma people were throwing at Evelyns situation.

    1. LOL and the sad thing about it is you have the same lame dudes on here, one which shall remain nameless, are always trying to throw shade….I notice it every time you or I leave our two cents.

  7. Some of you on here are so bitter. It’s maddening. The very kind of people I avoid in life.

    Anyway, I feel bad for him. I couldn’t imagine having so much go wrong in such a short amount of time.

    And for the record, Chad doesn’t “have a bad reputation in the league” as someone said earlier. That’s bullshit. Not sure what gossip magazine you’re pulling that from.

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