my father violated me tonight.

we all weren’t blessed in life to pick our parents.
if so,
i would have picked a father who isn’t a liar and coward.
caribbean fathers have a tendency to be the worst.
my father and i have had a very distant relationship over the years,
even when i was a kid in barbados.
it was all due to the issues between my grandmother and him.
he was only used to buy me school uniforms and haircuts.
i’ll never forget going out with him as a kid and one of his friends saying how “soft” i looked.
deep down inside,
my father knew that i would be gay but didn’t want to admit it at the time.
when we had an honest conversation a few years ago,
i revealed my sexuality to him and he claimed he already knew.
he let me know that i was his son and that he would accept me.
things took a different turn during a phone call we had…

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the caribbean spot, dark meat, two piece of biceps + pecs, legs, and thighs (hunger pains)

wolves are still doing herbalife these days?
i thought that went out of style with tumblr?
don’t you just LOVE when you’re minding your business and…

…the fine wolf walks in?

you can literally feel the energy in the room shift.
everyone is trying not to look,
including yourself,
but you can’t help it when biceps and pecs all in your grillz.
i was scrolling my tumblr and a user by the name of “ruddy cherry“,
who seems to be located in new yawk,
caught my eye with what was on their menu:

he posted something that i ended up posting on the ig foxhole,
but it deserved a whole plate of an entry

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… You Also Owe Me 90,000 Dollars For All This Trouble!

it’s like, every hour this man’s life gets worst….
i just don’t believe it.

maybe evelyn’s pussy has bad luck in it.
this same thing happened to antonie.
how do you blow all that money and become washed up?
not only is ocho’s house facing foreclosure,
he owes 90,000 to the island he got married on…

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The Southern Wolves VS The Concrete Wolves

Nothing beats the Concrete Forest.

I love living here because it has opened me up to
different things, a fresh style, and endless job opportunities.
You can literally turn one corner and you are in the Caribbean,
and then turn the next and you are in the Harlem Renaissance.
Every neighborhood has a different culture and every borough has a different way of life.

Plus, the Wolves out here are FIOOOONNNNEEEEEEE.
You can always find eye candy in Times Square, Soho, Union Square… or a train platform.

There is always something to do because the city never sleeps.
The slogan is really true: “If you can make it here then you can make it anywhere”.
The Concrete Forest teaches you to be tough, a multi-tasker, and a style icon all in one.
But my question is:

Is there any Wolves here?!

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