so you met this young Fox.
he is real cute and real sexy.
he is good at giving you official throat.
but there is one big problem…


every time you stick it in, he complains it hurts.
he is always whining and always complaining no matter what position you put him in.
you never get to nut because it is always frustrating.
you want to go the fuck in because his cakes look like this….

so right now,
you are in bed with him and horny as shit.

you are feeling on the cakes and your dick is rising….

he suddenly admits to you that he never had sex and he is a virgin.
even though he told you he did have sex before.
he just wanted you to like him.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “WHEN WE ROLE PLAY… (43)”

  1. I would tell him he didnt have to lie because if im with him i am feeling him anyway. I would get him use to taking dick by trying a dildo on him. Since he’s a virgin I would need plenty of lube and I would havre to take it easy on him when we did have sex.

      1. I would want to rip that shit open but it wouldnt be fun fighting his hole and hearing him making a fuss. Lol. I care bout how u guys feel so I would want to make him comfortable.

  2. The Man, I very proud of you and I mean that sincerely. A lot of our fellow wolves are selfish and would abuse that awesome ass. I got aroused just looking at my computer screen. For an ass like that, I would be thinking about staking a claim and the way to do that would be to take it real easy on the bruh. I have experience breaking in virgins. There would be a lot of foreplay. I would talk to him about relaxing and be very gentle. I would even tell him not to worry about being able to accommodate me on the first time, that we would be able to take our time no matter how long it would take. Assuring him that I was not going to hurt him and that I wouldn’t be able to enjoy it if he were in any pain would, I hope, help calm him. I’d probably get him to curl up in a fetal position and talk him through relaxing the muscles, explaining that his brain had to send messages to his sphincter that the dick knocking at the door was an invited guess. I’d fill him with all the necessary lube and take it very easy for as long as it would take. If all were to go well and entry were to be successful, I’d just let the dick rest there for a bit. His tightness would cause my dick to pulsate and he’d have to get used to that, initially, before his muscles would relax. Only then would I begin working a little. In fact, I could see this first time as an investment and not go all out, so that he would trust me inside him. Subsequently, I would gradually work it until I would have him asking me to give him more.

    Now, in full disclosure, I have used copious amounts of lubricant on some who said they were virgins only to have my dick get swallowed up and lost inside them. Some brothers like to pretend. In fact, one time, when I literally fell up in a so-called virgin, I involuntarilly blurted out, “Are you sure this is the first time?” He sheepishly replied he had done it once before. Dude was lying, lol.

    In all honesty, if I sense a brother is just not trying and the ass is off da hook, I could get frustrated and just decide to leave it alone. But, I would never try to hurt anyone. That would be just plain low.

    1. I know that shit has to hurt for the first time, and who want a dude to be in pain for days with a fucked up ass? Shit, I know I wouldn’t be able to smash dude for a little while either. I make jokes about a dude being in pain during sex, but if he’s a virgin that shit ain’t cool. I aint trying to get a penile fracture either. I’m sure a person could get one that way. To my fellow Wolves who like ripping dudes open, if you knew what a penile fracture looks like I’m sure you wouldn’t want to rip a virgin to pieces. I would post a link, but it might be too graphic for some. Just know when that thing turns black and blue you’ll know it.

      1. My badd I didn’t write that out right…..let’s try it again…..Old man I just fell in love with chu……

      2. Aw, that was sweet, gucciblk, I knew what you meant. I’m beginning to think, maybe, I should have picked another alias; I think some of y’all think I’m in a nursing home, lol. The plumbing still works just fine. I’m thinking about asking Jamari if I may send him a pic if he promises to block out my head. But, I’m kinda shy about that kind of thing for myself, even though I liked looking at the pics of YngBlkWolf and Que. I’ll give it some thought.

    2. Class is in session lol. Yea but all of the dudes hit it on the head. You’re not going tear in a virgin like that, unless you’re heartless and don’t give a shit. lol That ass tho…

  3. If you tell me you’re a virgin or your first time, I’ll take it easier – especially since I want you to enjoy it. More lube, tongue, and getting you to relax…so when I wanna beat it up, I can lol

      1. Later…after I’ve gotten him relaxed & used to it…and he wants it harder – you all do eventually lol

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