The Best Dick He Ever Had

I did it again.
I feel like I’m on the set of a Britney Spears world tour.
I found myself caught up in a mental cobweb.

And for whatever reason, this particular spider made one that was hard to get out of.

So I have an associate who just seems to get all the good looking DL dudes.
I mean he seems to get all the good looking whatever dudes period.
Maybe it has to do with him being sort of a ho.
I don’t know.
From the time I have know him, he will drop his pants in a heartbeat.
Anyway, so he is shacked up with his current boyfriend:
A jail bird with this nice ass prison body.
Jail bird has a pretty standard get out of jail job.
My associate works at some department store doing… something.

(He was just trying to move in with me a few months ago.
Some things you automatically say NO too.)

Well I got the text today that “The Best Dick He Ever Had” found him on a social site.

I have seen TBDHEH one night 2 years ago and this Wolf is FINE.
He is a youngin but he blew my associates back out the couple times they fucked.
I almost thought Wolf was interested in me and using my associate as a cover.
Anyway, my associate moved to another state and they lost touch.

My associate moved back a year later and was on the PROWL for TBDHEH.
Even with his Jailbird man, he is willing to creep with TBDHEH.

TBDHEH sent him a message asking him to see him this morning.
Probably to fuck his brains out again.
He had to curve it because his man was home.

this other nigga I think gets down and I been crushin on dude for a minute…
…he is tryna fuck him too!!!

I need his ass to be put on time out for this season!!
I found myself getting jealous and I had to ask myself, “why?”

My associate is not really a looker.
He is chubby and his style is all over the place.
Yet this mofo pulling dudes left and right…

…. but his finances and life decisions are always in question.
I am neither of that and I attract alot of losers and the “please stop talking to me“.

I found myself asking some pretty interesting mental questions.
Are some of us just meant to get the career and money, but bypass on the love?
Or, do many of us pull the men of dreams, but financially stuck in a pit of despair?
So in life we cannot have it all?

The real question is….

Are we are only allowed one or the other?

Author: jamari fox

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13 thoughts on “The Best Dick He Ever Had”

  1. You can have whatever you want in life…you just gotta work for it. You don’t wanna be known as ‘the hoe that all DL niggas smash and pass around’. It aint a good look. So keep doing what you are doing. Your time will come

  2. i think its more of a personal aspect thing. you may look at your friend and thinks he has all the boys looking his way but you never know what he did to get them or keep them. i had a friend who was like that and he would bend over backwards for the meat. that got him in a lot of trouble which we all had to throw hands over. and i agree with Della you never want to be to easy (not that im calling your friend easy im jus sayin). what ive found is that you can meet someone where you spend your time at the most because you might have more in common. like i live in the gym and i meet some cool dudes there and we connected on all kinds of levels. besides think of some wolves as christmas day presents they fun and new when you just get them but by new years they in the bottom of the toy chest

  3. I know exactly how you feel and have blogged about it many a times! But I’ve come to realize men are much more willing to have sex with someone who they know they don’t have to put much effort towards. So when it comes to getting it… they’ll take the route that will give them the least amount of trouble. So with “catches” like us, they know they would have to do normal things like… call when they say they’re going to call… spend money they would like to keep for themselves… be emotionally available… and so on. Since we’ve created culture where sex with no strings attached is the way to go, those who can get it the easier (very attractive men) will opt for it with those who will give it to them.

    Remind yourself that ALL these men he’s pulling are just FUCKING him. They aren’t putting a ring on it or going on holidays with him in Tahiti. He is nothing but a Kleenex lol. And with his jail bird of a man he has, i wouldn’t doubt that it isn’t a real, with both feet in, honest, respectful, and all around healthy relationship. If you’re looking for the type of life that he’s living with lots of men LITERALLY going in and out of him… then follow along. Manage down your expectations of them. Do things you know they like. Tell them what they want to hear. And when they don’t call you back… do not get upset or ask questions.

    There are plenty of men who can and do separate the body part from the person. Peep the fat/chubby ones on xtube who seem to pull the finest ones. The men they record themselves with are more focused on the plush feeling of all that cushion (notice HOW they are OFTEN hitting it from THE BACK!) than what the person looks like altogether. I do understand that many men do like those on the chubbier side of things as well as men who are not fixated about looks at all. But remember, you DO NOT have to be attractive to pull an attractive man FOR SEX.

  4. Are we are only allowed one or the other?

    Allowed and deserve have nothing to do with it. You can have it all, but do you really want it all. Do you know what your want, what you’re asking for?

    Think about it, do you really want a jailbird surrounding your foxhole and your riches?

    Jamari, you have homework. Go to Borders, Barnes-N-Nobles, or the library and pick up “The Voice of Knowledge: A Practical Guide to Inner Peace” by Miguel Ruiz. Read it slowly.

    I don’t want to see any more posts with these statements:

    “I found myself getting jealous…”
    “I attract a lot of losers and the “please stop talking to me“.”
    “So in life we cannot have it all?”



  6. While I understand your sentiment or shall I say what you mean, I do however disagree. You see one must never question such things as there is no real answer because of the many different points of views and outlooks we have amongst people. Please understand that maybe the problem is you. You are the one that is seeing what he apparently has as THE PRIZE…but does that really mean he has THE PRIZE? You see you must understand that it is we who give these things power and assign value to them. You never know what he is saying to these men for ONE and TWO the grass is never as green as it appears from the curb dear.

    Sure he wins….if you consider what he won a real prize. Some of us are not as easily amused by such things and in turn a prize is def not what he may have to us. Remember, you assign value to these things that another has in life and what it means to you that they have it and you want it. Maybe you should either make yourself more or desire less. No one ever really enjoys being a loose goose…Oh the many faces we have in this life……

    Your baybree,
    Della! 🙂


    1. I’ll blame this one on my mood swing in progress. Usually I’m optimistic but I had some shit go down that pissed me off and then #POW – this bullshiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.

      Thanks for this good comment Della.

      1. think about this one for a minute ….. zero in he is chubby …… the lookers like a little chubby because …. ?

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