Laid Up In The Tub

I lit some candles all over my crib.
I ran a hot bath.
I poured some Epsom salts in.
I turned out all the lights.
Turned on my “slow” mix and then stepped in….

… and just left all that stress from earlier in that tub…

Today was a stressful day, I will admit.
Then, I had some emotional warfare that went down that put me in a bad place.
All over my friend and his Foxhole.
This year is NOT going to be like that. PERIOD.
I just had to find my own way again.
Got a little caught up in the bullshit.
It’s nothing.

I am so thankful for you guys who read and comment.
You all had to slap me thru comments.
Let me see the error in my ways and change it IMMEDIATELY.

Things will not be smooth.
That is what happens when you are trying to do something new.
You will revert back to old ways or thinking when 1 bad thing happens.
I was lucky to find the source as fast as I did.
I’m We are still on that MEAT campaign this time go round.
I just felt a certain way observing my associate…
…but the truth is in the observations.

I thought about it all the way home from work today.

There is no reason to be jealous of my associate.
He is more… free with his sexuality than I am.
I am a freak but what I am not is a ho.
Big difference.

Wolves don’t do me like they do him.
Walk in the door without a hello and he is deep throatin’ the dick.
Plus he seems to be the sex toy for the D/L and discreet.
This Fox gets treated differently and it is all with the aura you give off.
Being smutted out is just not my idea of a good time.
I mean someone gotta do it, right?
That path is just not for me.

Thank my parents LOL

BTW – IceeD,
I will check out that book you refereed to me in the comments.
I always like a good read.



3 thoughts on “Laid Up In The Tub

  1. I don’t know if treating them the same way they treat us is the way to go. But i do know we all need our perspectives adjusted sometimes. Yes, on the surface he’s kind of getting what a lot of us want (attention from a particular type of man) but its all negative attention. Shallow. Meaningless. We’re worth a lot more than that.

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