You Shower Too Much (Funky Fresh Dressed To Impress Ready To Party)

gerbded3drnhjbsc0ylli love to take a shower.
in the summer,
i will jump in the shower twice.
can we talk about my shower regiment real quick?
yay ok!
so first i lather my body up with ivory bar soap.
once i wash that off,
i take my washcloth and squeeze dr. bronners peppermint liquid soap on it.
i like how it makes my body tingle.
it might a lot to some,
but a fox just likes to feel clean and smell good.
F-YI: as soon as you get out the shower,
spray your cologne on your body while your pores are still open.
the scent lasts longer.

well it seems like i might take a shower too much.
it isn’t healthy apparently.
an f-bi sent me this write up from “elite daily” and well…
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TerRio Takes A Bath

Ba2_Y9_IcAAn7xDya know whats crazy?
i was JUST talkin about terrio last night.
all this time i thought he was some 45 year old midget.
i did not know that boy was like 6 or 7.
now i love me some terrio,
and i’ve used “ooooooooh! killem!” a few times,
but this here (hence the picture)…
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Well Don’t Just Stand There! Come Over Here and Wash My Back!

tumblr_mah8spgTWl1r84fi8ive been feeling depressed.
temporary relief.
i have so much on my mind.
i’m having those nightmares again.
i also had to low key cut some people off.
life has turned very weird for me.
i wish i could afford a spa appointment.
right now that isn’t even in the cards at all.
so i thought to myself:

“why not bring the spa to my crib?”


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Laid Up In The Tub

I lit some candles all over my crib.
I ran a hot bath.
I poured some Epsom salts in.
I turned out all the lights.
Turned on my “slow” mix and then stepped in….

… and just left all that stress from earlier in that tub…

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7 words you should never have to hear in life.

I love chatting with TOPS and straight dudes.
In this case, purely platonic.

I swear.

Like women and straight men, a TOP that is a friend
is potentially trying to hit that.

But, in talking with them,
you always learn so much that can help you be the best bottom you can be.

So a couple days ago, I was….

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