Tahj Mowry Gets Some Strange and Confusing Leakage…

screen-shot-2016-10-23-at-11-10-51-pmso there is a lot going on with tahj mowry.
well something interesting,
it seems like he has gotten some alleged leakage.
so an alleged male…
uh huh…
sent in an alleged conversation to the blog,
“east coast renaissance”.
a vix-bi sent me the lead what was sent in


lets go…

fullsizerender-16ecr found an alleged picture of tahj at the ( x halloween hayride ).
12 months ago tho?
the first red flag in this alleged story.
so this was the conversation:

new3 new1 new2
and then the alleged blocking screen shot:



okay so…
the hyena is allegedly outing him because…
he didn’t fuck him?
i’m confused.
how was tahj playing with his emotions?
i guess there is more to the alleged convo that is being held back.
well tahj has always maintained his straightness:


tumblr_oeqjuzrjcl1qivndso2_250everyone in this story seems confused.
they might all need a seat.
i will say tho…
tahj has a nice alleged piece of beef on him.
this alleged pipe leakage might just get him more cooch.
ya know,
since he is straight
















why are you laughing?


screenshots credited: east coast renaissance

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

20 thoughts on “Tahj Mowry Gets Some Strange and Confusing Leakage…”

  1. And this is why the wolves and hybrids don’t like fuckin with the community. Stop running ya mouth. If yall linked up, yall linked. If he curved you, take ya L and go in peace. Taj may very well be gay, but knowing that ain’t gonna get this back rent I owe paid…

  2. First of all, this is messy as hell for him to leak this information. Second, after being outed last year on Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, we know Tahj is not straight and is mad pressed to make people believe he is. If you ask me, both parties in this have issues. Live your life and keep private information private.

  3. I laughed so hard at this story jeez!!!! Like the man here talking about emotion? What kind of emotions involve in sending dick pics?? He didn’t fuck you get over it. And Tahj you gay stop trying so hard, errybawdy knows and no one gives a single fuck about that. You cute but not that cute, not every gay guy look a you and try to fuck you. Oh lord this is so messy i love it.

  4. Just another ridiculous story all around. If you don’t take selfies of your dick and send them all over the internet, then you won’t have any leakage to worry about. See, it’s very simple. Tahj Mowry is just another dude suffering from a self-inflicted wound. Some people are their own worst enemy. End of story.

  5. I will never understand why my beautiful Gay brothers are so frivolously outing dudes. Now, what if we hear in the headlines that Tahj committed suicide. I know some of you may say that is far fetch, but if you think of it, it really isn’t. I LOVE my peoples, I really do. But come on now, because he “played with your emotions”???? Nigga what??? Nigga who??? He blocked you and that is justification to out a person. Really??????? You don’t even know if it was a computer glitch or maybe he was….just not that into you. I pray that all of my fellow brothers understand that carelessly outing someone can cause deep “emotional” pain and stress, not someone blocking you. Tired ho.

  6. Sorry Jamari, I forgot to add something in my haste to get to work. …”some of you may say that is far fetch, but if you think of it, it really isn’t. Remember the Orlando, FL. shooting??? All of our peoples lost their lives because someone could not mentally and emotionally handle it.

  7. I seen that dick before on Tumblr plus taj would have thicker thighs,ando it’s well known that he likes the snow ones 🙂

  8. Not from what I’ve seen. He was outed way before this on Love & Hip Hop by a vixen named Hazel E. His boyfriend was a black hyena named Jason. Rumors has it he dips in the snow too, no hate. If any brother wants to give it a try, he’s big on being discreet clearly

    This person is just being nasty and spreading nudes, I hope they get arrested.

  9. I don’t know if the story is true but the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride goes on every weekend in October.Some of my cousins went last weekend,they go every year.So it’s possible Tahj goes every year as well.He posted a video at Hollywood Horror Nights last week so he seems to one of those people who do a lot of Halloween related stuff with his friends.Regarding that tweet stating he is straight,he posted that in 2010,six years ago.I really doubt he would post that today since he was outed on Love and Hip Hop.

    Regarding the guy who sent this to that site,he is an asshole.

  10. He was “outed” on Love & Hip Hop by Hazel E. She said he was gay. And if he tweeted that, he needs to simmer down. Not everybody wants to “have” you sir.

  11. Is it that serious?

    Tahj comes off as a pompous asshole btw.

    He needs to chill. He’s done nothing worth mentioning since Smart Guy. Continue collecting those old checks.

  12. so he wanted d his “shit blurred” but wanted Tahj’s pictures and business in the street? Messy Hypocrite.

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