“surprise bitch! you thought you saw the last of diksukka.”

*the following entry is rated xxx
viewer discretion is strongly advised

anytime you saw this ^door,
you know diksukka is involved.
he was a major part of “my recreational viewing activities” for the 2010s.
i use to stan heavy for his work.
i always wondered tho:

How TF did he pull these fine ass wolves?!?!?!

was he a hooker?
was he trolling sex sites?
did he just have “that appeal that attracts sexy wolves“?
all of sudden,
he vanished.
the rumor was he was allegedly beat up for secretly filming.
what’s crazy is i ran up on one of his scenes while doing midnight “research”.
it made me think of him.
well a foxholer just sent me a recent interview from “cypher anevue“,
which he addressed many topics…


when i font that this scene…


it gets me off every.
that wolf was hot and i loved that he addressed it in the interview:

Q13) Now, a personal question from me, if you don’t mind to oblige? The hottest scene if yours is when you were with this guy with a red fitted, athletic build, and a nice piece on him. I imagine him being sexy af with a mean swagg. What can you share about how you met and set up that hookup?

A13) I wonder if you’re talking about the vid, “Hottest Boy This Spring?”

Q13) Yes, that is the one and he is mos def memorable.

A13) This is pretty accurate and exactly how I remember and I was in heaven. I see this dude walking home from a BBQ and I say to myself, “I gotta have him.” I don’t know what it was and I usually don’t ever approach but I made it a point of catching up to him as he was walking. When I was close enough, I sorta zipped in front of him with only the cutest booty jeans on. LMAO. I’m so dumb but he was so phine. Okay, so now I sound like I’m back in school. So, as I smiled and looked back he smirked and said,” Wassup with that?” I was like, “Huh?” like I didn’t know what he meant. I was like with what….this (pointing and cupping my booty in my hands)? He said that I was wild and started to follow me into a cut. I eyed quick fast as he was following me. I looked behind myself because I love to see dudes following me and getting hot from looking at my assets. LOL. As he was following me, he was grabbing his dik through his jeans. Damn! So, without any hesitation, I moved his hand away once we were in some people’s driveway and grabbed his Right guard can of a dik myself. Oh, my Jesus, I’ve gone to heaven”. Falling to my knees, I did some suk-dik combo on his pipe and all I heard was him moaning and panting like he’d been expecting me. The funniest thing is when I spotted dude, I was with my friend and we were about to jump on the train. [And] when my friend saw me eyeing the dude, he said,” Shit, you better go on and get that.” I’m so glad that I did. So, I tell this phine ass dude to follow me to a better spot and when we arrived, he fucks me like a bitch. LOL I gotta say now that I’m getting fucked more I’m noticing how much of a bitch I really am. I sound like one and for all intents and purposes feel like I become one especially when dudes say,” You’re my bitch, right?” or “This pussy all mine?” Damn, I’m getting hot thinking about it. This was Memorial Day weekend 2010.

Q13) Hot for sure and he’s mos def my type. I’m not a bottom but oral and jacking definitely.

A13) Gotcha, he’s a mouthful.

Q14) I can tell, by his body language, that he is DL or possibly even Bi just by the way he was stroking and where he placed his hands on you.

A14) Well, I stopped trying to label guys years ago. I don’t know what sexual category he falls into all I know is that he is phine. Most times, when guys are fucking me, are touching my dick and it annoys me but I let him a little and it turned me on. I also remember his sexy voice.

that wolf was so hot.
he met a ton of other fine wolves for some good scenes:


i’d love if he did a rebrand.
( x hoodatlcamz ) too.
i haven’t seen anyone else do what he did.
none of these “onlyfans” have compared to his.
he was definitely iconic.

lowkey: i’d love to interview diksukka.
i have even more questions.

article cc: cypher avenue

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on ““surprise bitch! you thought you saw the last of diksukka.””

  1. OMG! Diksukka was literally my closeted childhood!
    It brings back memories of me on the computer with that slow ass dial up trying to get a nut before my mom came home from work 😂🥴

  2. Most of his guys are dl hes not following all these guys he has some type of date site or dl escort service period

  3. Let’s be honest he kinda set the trend for homemade gay do trade dick suck videos but he was meeting these guys on Craigslist because he don’t have an ass and he wasn’t a looker either lol

  4. I remember having quite a few vids of his cause he had an Xtube a long time ago with exclusive vids that were never posted to Pornhub. My favorite would be Blatino Thug Suck (he has some more of this same guy on that Xtube)…the encounter and the masculine grunts and heavy breathing when the Blatino guyd cums is sexy.
    I like a man that moans. I couldn’t bear it if my bf was “quiet”. Silent men are creepy.

  5. Good read, I’m a fan of most of dick suckers popping up on social but this one definitely made it online popular. I actually think him, NYCDeepThroatx, or theheaddoctor15 or Twitter would be good to have as interviews on this blog or the podcast.

  6. I enjoyed the article. Fact! Diksukka actually started cross dressing a few years ago and began posting his encounters with men on xvideos

  7. The only guy to come close is the formally SunnyDDDD, Shhhh_215 (@BsPart2 on Twitter) He’s had several different accounts and deletes them, then comes back with a new name. You’ve featured him on here before.

    Only thing stopping him from being great is he doesn’t have the confidence to be diksukka. He gets in his feelings too much from the comments.

  8. MANY So called straight married guys will let you suck theme on a regular basis. my uncle had plenty of great times with men. his dick was very much like eduardo picaso and john holmes so he loved men to suck and never had his wife

  9. Haha…I actually love when I read things like this…brings me back and I can visualize taking care of those dicks. I also enjoy reading the conspiracy theories about how I get dick…lol…it’s really not that complicated…we live in a world where people wanna feel good, and if you know how to make that connection…boom!

    Oh…and what other questions you got Jamari?

    1. Chile this ain’t really Araylia….we would’ve seen new vids and an onlyfans by now. Y’all please stop being gullible

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