“surprise bitch! you thought you saw the last of diksukka.”

*the following entry is rated xxx
viewer discretion is strongly advised

anytime you saw this ^door,
you know diksukka is involved.
he was a major part of “my recreational viewing activities” for the 2010s.
i use to stan heavy for his work.
i always wondered tho:

How TF did he pull these fine ass wolves?!?!?!

was he a hooker?
was he trolling sex sites?
did he just have “that appeal that attracts sexy wolves“?
all of sudden,
he vanished.
the rumor was he was allegedly beat up for secretly filming.
what’s crazy is i ran up on one of his scenes while doing midnight “research”.
it made me think of him.
well a foxholer just sent me a recent interview from “cypher anevue“,
which he addressed many topics…

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