charlie lynch is your new “quality man” (and i’ll allow it)

^this is such a good picture of charlie lynch.
this should be his default for a while.
it’s such a strong shot.
so charlie had another shot with marvin bienaime.
charlie was bulking heavy for his shoot the last few months.
this video when he arrived in miami tho:

well it was all for charlie a feature in “quality magazine“.
this is what they both posted for review

this is a bts from the shoot:

is that print?

we need more of this one in 2020.
i want to see more acting from him.
leggooo charlie,
the foxhole is tuned in.
i can’t wait to see the ad for his new underwear line tho:

ill allow it.

low-key: when did charlie get all this tail tho…

i love your work.

pictures and video cc: marvin bienaime | charlie

16 thoughts on “charlie lynch is your new “quality man” (and i’ll allow it)

  1. Charlie been hot since that naked salad he made with Marvin. I know Marvin said he has a nude book with just Charlie and he’s in a compilation nude book as well. I think he mentioned he is working on another one with Charlie.

  2. Charlie makes you forget about that drama queen Demetris Jenkins with the attitude
    Dudes like Demetris need to really calm down and realize one minute your the hot one and tomorrow comes a hotter boy toy.
    Charlie is fineeeeee asf 🔥🔥🔥
    Can I get a AMEN 😋

  3. Jamari, he’s definitely put on weight in recent months. I think he got tired of being called petite and twinkish in the comments of his posts lol. He got face for dayyyyyyz though.

  4. He always had a phatty 👅 that Man is gorgeous but his elevator doesn’t go all the way up

      1. I think he mean, he’s a little on the slow side. Or atleast, thats how he acts. A lot of men be like that, all brawn, no brain or fyne as shit, but social skills be dryer than my dm’s, lol

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