someone claims they have gay footage of chauncey palmer but…

do you know what grinds my gears?

People who claim they have footage to corroborate a story but make threats about it without posting the footage.

remember ( x this entry ) about chauncey palmer?
he said he would rather die than mess with another male.
it caused a majority of black gay twitter to soil their undies.
a foxholer sent me someone claiming they have footage proving otherwise.
of course

no video/pics/texts/anything has been posted yet.

If you have text or footage that contradicts a “slip of the tongue” mofo in the best way possible,
why “hint” about it?

and don’t give me:

“I’m waiting for the right time.”

folks always have “proof” about someone but never follow through.
put up or shut up.
if you want fame so bad then here ya go.
the spotlight is on.

guess who would post it tho?
jamari fox would cause i don’t gaf.
you know i put up when ya’ll bring me content.

My Foxhole doesn’t play dat.

i work in media and…

If celebrities/politicians/pastors/influencers/baller wolves can be outed when they say dumb shit,
a regular sex worker can suffer the same fate too.

not only that,
don’t try ruining his reputation cause he said something controversial.
don’t be dumbass and get sued for slander.

lowkey: i’m all for giving folk’s grace when it comes to gay/dl outings.
when those folks say things that they claim they’d never do,
but they did it/do it and there is proof…
time to explain this video of your penis as a submersible down some butt cheeks.

5 thoughts on “someone claims they have gay footage of chauncey palmer but…

  1. He is beautiful chocolate man with an incredibly nice package. I understand the thirst but please have some self control and let that man live his truth. Everybody wants to bully somebody into misery just because they are miserable. Very sad and low vibrational!

  2. Nude photos, pictures of dick and ass are so regular and under-ordinairy. Who even cares. Zero shock value.

  3. If this is the case so what if he’s dl or bi why is this so important to most gay people? It’s really giving extreme desperation on the part of gay twitter the sense of entitlement is wild. Gay people please stop witch hunting straight men because it looks really bad and gives straight men another reason to hate you and to talk about you they already see you as predators by default so why make it worse? Leave these men alone!!!

    1. Whatever he is, if he’s f*cking with men but saying he’d rather “die” than be gay or with a man, he’s a total hypocrite and at the least gay people should stop supporting him. You don’t have to say you love gay people or even be nice but saying you’d rather “die” is extreme and hateful.

      As a result, cutting his @ss off is just basic self-respect and dignity if you’re gay.

      Back to the original point, as Jamari points out, if you’re claiming you have tape/proof/receipts, show them. Otherwise it’s just stunting for clout or who knows what.

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