how i avoided a potential WFH job scam and you need to know how

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i had to put that in all caps for the following.
i nearly would have gotten scammed if i wasn’t paying attention today.
this wasn’t an entry i planned on writing today but:

I’m going to teach The Foxhole how to look out for scams.

tl;dr: i am looking for a WFH part-time job.
a friend sent me a link to “career vault“,
a site dedicated to WFH positions.
when i applied for a data entry position at ymca south florida,
it took me to a gmail account to send my resume/cover letter.
i found that odd but the response was when i called cap…

    • There was no signature in the response email.
      Every HR Manager I have had contacts with always had a signature.
      It lists email, phone number, Linkedin, and other information of contact.
    • The grammar was awful.
      No one in HR writes a response email like this and even if they did,
      why would I want to work for them?

my foxy senses pinged weirdly about the whole correspondence.
even tho i saw 30 dollars an hour,
i was hesitant to share my information.
this is when i tied it all together:

    • HR would have scheduled an interview with me to discuss all those details.
    • When I went to Google that person I had to contact via Teams,
      nothing came up.
    • The YMCA South Florida all have assigned emails to the company.
      HR would have been “” or something.

that really burned me because i got very excited but oh well.

lowkey: these companies need to do a better job of filtering scams.
this is really gross that people looking for work at subjected to this.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. I see WFH jobs listed online but I wonder how legit they are. Many of the job descriptions sound vague and appear to be geared toward getting your email and personal info, so your head’s up will help others avoid the grift. But who can you even report stuff like this to? If it’s not in your home state but in a different state, do you have to reach out to their labor department?

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