chauncey palmer has offended the gays because he said he isn’t attracted to men

lemme ask ya’ll something:

When you go to a restaurant and have a great meal,
do you go find the cook to become besties so you can get free food?

When you go to a concert,
do you go backstage to become friends with the artist after?

probably not because they provided a service.
chauncey palmer,
who is up above,
provides a service but i think some gays forgot.

he was honest about his feelings towards him partaking in gay sex.
this is what he said in a q@a

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can i ask a question:

When did he say he was gay/bi?

…and don’t tell me because he shows his ass in his sex work.
this is what he posted that someone responded:

whoever wrote ^this sounds entitled.
just because straight males don’t say anything,
that doesn’t mean they need t support us.
we would take free money too.
so is it really pandering?
he got naked and WE chose to pay for it.
i can show ya’ll about 2 pineapples who legit pander.

am i the only one missing why some gays are so mad?
i’m not insulted.
he sells sex work and not marching for gay rights.
it sounds like he was telling his truth.
if you ask most straight males this question,
they would probably answer the same way (or worse).

If you asked me if I ever want to go have sex with a vixen,
I’d say I’d want to die as well.

i’m not pussyphobic just because i’m not sexually attracted to them.

I’ll font you wut the problem may just be with some gays:

they think because a straight male does sex work,
that means he has the possibility to be into other males.
when they see “onlyfans” in the bio,
they think these menz are down to be turned out.
these males state they are straight but that gets lost somehow.
these straight males sell a fantasy and that is as far as that goes.
we get to see him naked; he gets to pay his bills.


onlyfans don’t mean ally or “he wants to have gay sex“.
it means he is providing a service we have the option to pay for.
all the gossiping on websites,
group chats,
and in the foxhole means nada until proven otherwise.
until he hits YOU up trying to smash,
i think it’s best to disconnect all emotions or investigations.
there are jackals who have boldly told us they hate us,
like tweeted they do not like gays at all,
but yet they’re still getting paid and supported after pandering.
all because you can oil them up or grab their dicks while painting.

i treat these mofos on onlyfans like i’m in the strip club.
rule #93898 in the pank:

Straight or gay males,
I’m there to enjoy the view and the chicken wings.

these males don’t owe me anything besides jack-off material.
unless they hit me up for more in the back rooms,
i get off and go about my business.
some of ya’ll need to do the same.

lowkey: it took a foxholer to change my opinion on this.
thanks for being dope.

18 thoughts on “chauncey palmer has offended the gays because he said he isn’t attracted to men

  1. No offense to my beautiful gay Brothas, but some of y’all really need to get intouch with the masculine side of yourself as far as emotions go, I mean seriously. Stop always taking the feminine approach with these men you find attractive, stop thinking “omg I love him” or “oh that’s my mannnnn” this is not ya fuckin man. This is a straight man that’s talking easy money because it’s bein given to him, point blank. He is then using that money to take care of his child & to feel like HE’S good enough to keep his mixed girlfriend & honestly..I’m not mad at him, cause I myself have gotten offended when some WOMEN genuinely think that all men “being a man” can be seduced by a women in the “right setting” when I heard a women say this, I got angry deep inside and wanted to let that women know “baybee there’s not SHIT ya cat could do for me, I love to suck DICKKKK” but she thought because I carry myself non emotionally (I guess not gay enough) that she had a chance. So it is the EXACT same thing with these straight men, THEY DON’T LIKE MEN! that is not a personal attack on you & if you chose to give him money, it still isn’t his obligation to be nice to you, straight men aren’t even TAUGHT to consider people’s feeling, especially others men’s past basic civility, I think he’s phine too but guess wat, I look at his nudes FOR free on Twitter and then get bck to my own life

    1. Why is this a feminine/masculine thing? Straight men do this with female ex workers all the time. Maybe it’s just a lonely with too high standards thing.

  2. It’s perfectly fine for him to not be interested in the same sex, but it’s how and what he said that I find disrespectful. “I’d rather die…”, that’s a level of disgust that no one should be on the receiving end of.

  3. Or maybe saying you would rather die than be with the same sex is simply offensive because…it’s offensive.
    Y’all acting like a simple no wouldn’t suffice. Ew. Hate that for y’all that y’all are co-signing him…on a black gay blog. Hmph. Tragic.

    1. Yet some us say vaginas are disgusting reminding them rotting fish… We all can be offensive these days….

  4. i’m actually sick of gay boys/men asking other boys/men that question. Years ago when i was on tumblr, any str8 male that wasn’t homophobic and showed himself to be okay with gay males existing, would always get asked that question by gay followers and i never understood why. Just be happy he’s not homophobic and is okay with conversing with you. Gonna end up running them off.

    i agree with everything you said Jamari but i also agree with everything TheLoveTho & $$$ said.

  5. I’m going to disagree by saying this: if you know you are making bank from a particular community but you treat them with disrespect, you deserve whatever criticism comes your way.

    He could have said, I’m not into men, etc. Instead, he goes to the extreme of “I’d rather die,” which basically is saying DEATH would be preferable to any attraction up to sex with another man. WTF is that?

    One response is just to cut his @ss off. Another is calling him out. I don’t see an issue with doing the second since he doesn’t have an issue collecting gay or bi men’s coins, which are helping him pay his bills. But that’s just me.

    1. EXACTLY, gay men are so accustom to egregious disrespect, that they let shit like this slide especially if the person is hetero and attractive 🙄. Saying you rather die (which he’s being extra AF) is still offensive. But most of these creators are air headed imbeciles, who lack the intellect to say things without it being triggering. In the eyes of these consumers, you’re an object anyway so it actually does you a favor to just keep your mouth shut.

      1. I agree…he dosen’t have to support gay causes but he should show some respect for a large portion of his fan base.

  6. Gays hate to admit it, but these guys being “straight” adds to the appeal for most of them. He literally has a pregnant GF on his IG. If he was an out and proud content creator, I promise you the gays wouldn’t be as crazy about him.

    I don’t think him being straight is the problem, it’s when they reinforce their heterosexuality is when it becomes a fantasy killer for the thousands of gay subscribers that are fans of his. He was better off just skipping the question and shutting TF up.

    1. Ding ding ding ding, you are correct. A lot of us have a lot of internalized homophobia and find “straight” men attractive. But then when they remind us that straight doesn’t mean normal it means I’m not having sex with you, we get upset at the rejection. You are so correct that if he was an out gay man a lot of his followers would not be attracted to him.

  7. Half of the gay Men writing these dissertations about sex workers “gay baiting” simply by providing their services are white gay men who have a sense of entitlement. They feel that these Men aren’t to have a voice simply because they show their bodies. The same energy as misogynistic Men who think that Women who post thirst traps have to accept every compliment or harassment. They think these people are just sexual objects.

    1. ^110%

      he could have been really nasty but he said he would die.
      some gay males would say the same if a pussy was plopped in front of them too.

      1. I’m not going to be “thankful” that he didn’t disrespect me more. What??😳😳

        It’s a matter of being respectful and aware.

        Lowkey: it’s a PR nightmare.

  8. Agreed. Everyone wants to feel like they have a right to who they are lusting after and Frfr they need to get out more. Go meet real people. They gotta stop living in La La Land and then being mad when they realize La La Land ain’t on the map. He didn’t call anybody out their name he kept it simple. Let that man be. That’s just my 2 cents.

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