so sheree whitfield went from dating one f boi to another?

i’ve want sheree whitfield from rhoa to win.
is she still in that castle she built?
she has some questionable choices when it came to finding love.
her last relationship was with a full-blown criminal named tyrone gilliams.


he was in jail wire fraud.
i was like:

Is it that bad in ATL?
I know the gays run that town but there has to be a straight wolf within the rainbow…”

it seems sheree has allegedly jumped into another frying pan.
she is dating


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…sexy ass fuck boi,
martell holt,
from love and marriage: huntsville.
this is a video of them allegedly together and holding hands:


martell has cheated on his wife and an alleged crazy side hoe.
this is more about her:

i don’t know much about him but i asked the foxhole about him in dms.
this is during when the show was on the air and he was “the talk“.
 many of you were like:

“He is sexy but NO.”

i feel with all these red flags,
i’m wondering why sheree would even get involved with him?
he is the type you fuck silently since he is built to fuck.
anything else…

my guess…

She has to keep an interesting and drama-filled storyline and Martell would be it?

lowkey: the fuck bois are always the sexiest,
and the “bombest” sex.
i feel we get hooked on all the drama and excitement they bring.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “so sheree whitfield went from dating one f boi to another?”

  1. Personally, I think she only dates FOR the show. I don’t think she frfr wants a man, just adds to her storyline. I like Sheree on the show tho, she’s funny and real. She don’t need any crazy drama.

  2. Martell ain’t shit, and wouldn’t know humility if it was his next door neighbor, but he is sexy as fuk! I could do without them tight ass suits, but we could def get a dope ass 69 poppin in the sack. And that’s where it would end!

  3. Sheree must be toxic or very demanding because fine as she is some rich dude shudda done snatched her up.

  4. This man is so phoine (to me). I usually don’t do this , but GO FOR IT Sherree Ha ha ha . He is flawed , but who isn’t . I wouldn’t marry him ,but I will f&ck him.

    1. All of the above! Her kids are grown and she’s already been married so now it’s time to have fun with a sexy ass fuck boy. I’m here for it and she can ride that horse extra for me shit

  5. Baby Sheree need them walls knocked down! Plus she kept getting fired for not having drama in her storyline besides carrying bones. Don’t nobody care about Sheree

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