so joshua brown wasn’t killed for why we thought he might’ve been killed for?

sooooo we were all wrong in our suspicions about joshua brown?
there is no conspiracy theory?

as much as we’d love a good mystery in the “botham jean/amber guyger” case,
it seems that joshua brown was killed for something totally different.
according to “buzzfeed news“…

Dallas police say three Louisiana men were involved in the murder of a key witness whose testimony led to the conviction of Amber Guyger, the ex–Dallas police officer convicted of killing Botham Jean, her unarmed neighbor.

The shooting death of 28-year-old Joshua Brown sparked outcry among people who believed he was murdered for participating in Guyger’s contentious murder trial, which captured national attention. But police on Tuesday said his death was the result of a drug deal gone bad.

Police said Jacquerious Mitchell, Michael Mitchell, and Thaddeous Green — all of Alexandria, Louisiana — drove to Dallas to buy drugs from Brown. Around 10:30 p.m. on Oct. 4, they arrived at Brown’s building in a silver four-door sedan.

Assistant Chief of Police Avery Moore said that, according to Jacquerious Mitchell, Green got out of the car and proceeded to get into an argument with Brown, which escalated into a physical fight. Jacquerious Mitchell got out of the car and Brown “ordered him back into the vehicle” and then shot him in the chest, causing him to fall back into the car. Green then allegedly shot Brown twice in the lower body.

“ordered him back into the vehicle”.

am i the only one not buying this alleged story?
so they went from “no suspects” to suddenly three?

did they ping cell phones?
how did they even dig up these randoms?

don’t even get me started on the judge in this case as well.
judge tammy kemp defending why she hugged amber guyger.
this was what she had to say via “the guardian“:

“I came down to extend my condolences to the Jean family and to encourage Ms Guyger, because she has a lot of life to live.”

Kemp said: “She asked me if I thought that God could forgive her and I said, ‘Yes, God can forgive you and has.’ If she wanted to start with the Bible, I didn’t want her to go back to the jail and to sink into doubt and self-pity and become bitter. Because she still has a lot of life ahead of her following her sentence and I would hope that she could live it purposefully. I could not refuse that woman a hug.”

She added: “And I don’t understand the anger. And I guess I could say if you profess religious beliefs and you are going to follow them, I would hope that they not be situational and limited to one race only.”

this she-hyena killed someone!!!
if it was botham instead of amber,
i doubt he have been getting all this coddling even after crying for mercy.

Why is this case so bizarre?

article cc: buzzfeed news | the guardian

Author: jamari fox

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17 thoughts on “so joshua brown wasn’t killed for why we thought he might’ve been killed for?”

  1. Don’t want to hear this. Dallas people is very corrupt and are spinning a lazy narrative to cover themselves. The woman who took video of the murder had her job license revoked and people are worried that she’s next.

    Dirty, demonic crooks.

  2. Damn, In the back of my mind I didn’t want to paint that picture he dealt in drug dealing. Its sad those those perpetrators have nothing to lose but to kill people. He was a fine brotha tho.

  3. shot in the lowe body? then who shot him in the face and head as was originally posted? if you gonna take one of ours atleast get the stories straight and wait a few weeks. I see why they cant solve crimes, they dont even know how to commit one

  4. This is my conspiracy theory on Botham and Guyer. I believe they had a sexual relationship she didn’t want anyone to find out about.

    1. I just went back and re-read the article about the case. I have to wonder if there was something between Guyger and Brandt (the brother). He was pretty compassionate and empathetic while hugging her and telling her that he loved her as a person. How do you start loving a suspect in the murder of your brother that you just met during the trial. Hmmm. I understand Christian love but this was a pretty interesting display of it.

  5. I saw this and waiting for a post on it. They even had the nerve to have a black man announce with the whole Police Academy face.

    It’s always blacks killing blacks with them.anyways. I’m from La and and you telling me these dudes drove from Alexandria to Dallas over drugs… Idk.

    Now I’ve heard stories in the lower part where in Nola if you owed someone money & they couldn’t get to you they’d go after your family members…

    In any case you know the case is closed now…🙄

    With they lying asses….

  6. Thank you Jamari for covering this. I just don’t believe this .. . Its sad that we distrust both our Political Law Enforcement Established agencies.

  7. SIGH……. What a load of crap, what a display of stupidity and manipulation….another display of America’s favorite talking points – Democracy and Transparency…Make me want to puke!!!

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