charlie evans is the ex-transgender helping others de-transition?

when we are younger,
we did many things without really thinking it through.
i remember when i wanted to move out at 16,
with no job,
into an apartment with friends at the time.
the selling point?

Big ass speakers in the living room so we can party

needless to font,
that didn’t happen and i stopped fuckin with them months later.
well according to a recent article on thedaily mail“,
some folks in the transgender community,
who opted to have gender reassignment surgery,
are in regret over transitioning now.
charlie evans,
who is pictured above,
stopped identifying as male and is allegedly helping others de-transition.
this is the story via “daily mail“…

Hundreds’ of transgender people who have transitioned want to un-do their surgery, a campaigner who decided to stop identifying as male has revealed.   

Charlie Evans, 28, from Newcastle, was born female but identified as male for almost ten years before deciding to identify as a woman again

‘Hundreds’ of people have contacted her, including 30 in Newcastle alone, asking for guidance around detransitioning – the process of becoming the gender they were born – after she went public with her decision last year, she told Sky News. 

I’m in communication with 19 and 20-year-olds who have had full gender reassignment surgery who wish they hadn’t, and their dysphoria hasn’t been relieved, they don’t feel better for it,‘ Ms Evans said.

The people who get in contact with her are usually in their 20s, ‘mostly same-sex attracted’ and often autistic, she added.

Ms Evans is now setting up The Detransition Advocacy Network to help people who feel the same way she did.

according to “” tho,
there maybe some flaws in charlie’s story:

While there is no concrete data on how many trans people have come to regret their decision to transition, the Daily Mail quotes a spokesperson for Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust—which offers gender identity services for children as young as three—as saying, “Decisions about physical interventions made in our care are arrived at after a thorough exploration process. While some of our patients may decide not to pursue physical treatment or drop out of treatment, the experience of regret described here is rarely seen.”

Meanwhile, Evans is being criticized by many trans people for her claims that she had once transitioned who said taking testosterone does not count as transitioning. They also pointed out that her charity is not registered anywhere and that she even took part in anti-trans protest at Manchester Pride.

so i have a question:

Is this something that one can de-transition back easily?

i feel like some folks need to think carefully for big life changes.
with some major decisions,
i feel like once you do it,
there might be no turning back.
whatever the truth in this story is,
i hope those who want to de-transition are able to do so with little to no issue.

article cc: the daily mail | meaww

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “charlie evans is the ex-transgender helping others de-transition?”

  1. This is my opinion and anybody who has a problem with it, can type up a storm. It won’t get read.

    *Surgery is dangerous, period. Risking your life because you feel like you’re in the wrong body seems an unnecessary risk to me. If genitals have nothing to do with gender, why do you have to get knifed up down there? Sounds more like for your potential partners, than for you.

    *What is the point of being a woman, transitioning to a man and becoming a gay man who dates men?
    What is the point of a man, transitioning to a woman and becoming a lesbian woman who dates women?

    You couldn’t have saved yourself a risky surgery and just dated the opposite sex?

    *Don’t tell me men can have babies. Don’t tell me men can have periods. You were a woman. You still can have kids. You still can have a menstruation. Don’t tell me men can have them. It’s like saying a fish can fly. It’s ridiculous and you know it. I had a trans man try me saying men can have babies. CHILE! If men could have babies, gay men would be in TROUBLE!

    *Dress however you want, demand whatever pronouns you want, but I think surgery that is cosmetic and has to do with your vanity is never the risk, as you might not wake up.

    I’m not the authority on anything, but my own opinion.

    1. I was reading up on transgender and I brought up a scary point. Even if a man transitions into a woman, she could still get prostate cancer.

      While I do stress the importance of gender balance,
      I can’t force anyone what to do with their bodies.

      Anyone younger like around 19/20 (or younger) should think about this. While it seems great in thought, you have many years to deal with your choice. A very expensive & sometimes life threatening one.

      However, people do technically do this all the time with ass, chest, face and many other types of surgery. There is always a risk.

      With the gender surgery, I wonder if it’s more impactful for trans women than men?

      Also, any trans kittens and pups shouldn’t be too discouraged if that’s what you wanna do, just think about the long term.

      1. Personal note: This comment wasn’t meant as a reply for this post. I wasn’t paying attention on my phone and didn’t notice the darn box before I hit reply.

  2. I think more of this will come just because some transition for the wrong reasons (to be the trans unicorn that can get “trade”) but once they realize it’s more trans girls I’m the world they quickly see how not special they are. I call it “trends gender”, but trust me we’ll see who was really serious about transitioning once the dust settles and the trains have stopped running. I actually know a guy who crossed dressed heavy and had a girl name to get “straight guys”….now? He has a full on trade persona and very masculine, I think it was all for….attention? Sad. I think people are bored.

  3. She ain’t the only one who does this I know a gay guy who used to be a transgender woman he was going to get the surgery when he changed his mind

  4. I think there needs to be a mental evaluation and at least a year of therapy before people are allowed to have that kind of surgery. It’s too much involved that needs to be sorted through. I don’t think you can pray away the gay but I do think you can change the way you see yourself.

  5. This is a very real and very valid subject that should be looked at harder than it is. I know people who know transgendered people who have regretted their decision to become a different sex. They should be respected as much as those who want to be and stay a different gender. I pray that whatever decision they make, they are at peace with it.

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