She Was Unhappy So She Hung Herself

folks are forever shocked when someone kills themselves.
i guess since i’ve suffered with depression,
i know that journey all too well.
i’m not one who is surprised anymore,
especially when it came to the well off.
i use to be confused for selfish reasons.

“this person has all this money,
can go anywhere in the world,
and probably has no worries…”

again: i was looking from a material perspective.
i get it now tho…

so why would someone,
like kate spade for example,
hang herself and leave her world behind today?
it’s easy.

Suffering doesn’t stop once your dreams come true

matter a fact,
that’s when it really amplifies.
often times,
they’re the most depressed and emotionally broken.
many of them got to where the are,
not off the strength of passion,
but success became another form of prozac.
they challenge themselves to be “the best”,
but once they reach that point,
they are left to ask “so what’s next?”.
this is when thoughts of “still not good enough” start to sink in.
don’t even throw in how mean other folks can be.
we should be a little nicer to each other,
but we live in a “dragging” society now.
the moment you aren’t as great as your “competition”,
society lets you know how much of a “flop” you are.
this is why those with mental health issues should limit social media.
not only are folks fontin’ tough behind a phone,
but it’s a fake world we can get caught up in as if it was real.
everyone in it is suffering in their own way.

i don’t know why kate spade killed herself.
she left behind her daughter,
a husband,
folks who loved her,
many who bought her products,
and others who are simply asking “why?”.
whatever the reason,
she chose today to be the day to stop the pain.
the only issue is the hurt that she left behind.

rip to kate spade

lowkey: what if her daughter discovered her body?

if you’re thinking thoughts of suicide,
please: reach out to someone.
talk to someone before making such a big decision.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “She Was Unhappy So She Hung Herself”

      1. “Fashion designer Kate Spade was found dead this morning in her home at 850 Park Avenue. She reportedly hung herself with a scarf tied to a doorknob while her husband Andy was in another room. She was found by her housekeeper. She left a note.”

        ** on top of that the note was only addressed to her daughter and I believe no mention of her daughter except for the following:

        “The suicide note was found on a bed near her lifeless body. Sources with the police department have reported the note was addressed to her daughter and said:

        “Bea – I have always loved you. This is not your fault. Ask Daddy!”

        While earlier in the day Page Six reported a police source had told the New York Post that “police believe the suicide was ‘over family problems … in her relationship,’” Spade’s sister Refa Saffo has since shared that while her suicide was tragically “not unexpected.” “

        Man something doesn’t seem right to me.

  1. Untreated depression plus the end of a relationship( marriage).Reports say her husband was shopping for a new apartment or had already moved to a new apartment.

  2. Material Wealth does not equal Emotional well being.

    I get annoyed at people who believe otherwise. Kate Spade was a millionaire for decades before her untimely demise. While her life may have seem priviledged and worry-free to some, her life was what she and her family considered ‘normal’. That means she endured the same mental and emotional evenflo as a woman or man sitting in traffic on their way to a 9-5 job. Does having a penthouse in Manhattan and a boat in Martha’s Vineyard help when you’re feeling blue? The answer to that question depends on who you are and what you value in life.

    As someone who has suffered from chronic depression since my adolescence, I can say that none of the material wealth I’ve acquired over the years has ever given me solace from the pain. My access to treatment is what probably made the difference in my well being.

    If you are suffering, please reach out to medical professionals. Don’t seek advice from the Church or your aunt Hattie Mae.

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