Russell Wilson Must Be Getting The Ride of His Life

wilsonguess which singing vixen is squeezing on all that russell wilson booty?
well the forest has been talking.
you will never guess who he took to the white house state dinner tonight…

1jmd6ashe may not be able to book a stage,
but she sure did book a baller wolf!
go ciara!
that praying mantis she had a baby for was such a disappointment.
i’ll allow it.

lowkey: i always thought russell liked snow bunnies.
i guess i was fooled.
he about to get a sugar rush because:

giphyi bet she is riding that pipe to calvary!
she got bills to pay.
now can someone explain why she named her new album,

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

26 thoughts on “Russell Wilson Must Be Getting The Ride of His Life”

  1. I was shocked too when he was seen with Ciara. I guess he needed a break from mayo Betty and sour cream Patty. Hold on to this one Ciara!!!

    1. Guess your comment didn’t age well. It’s 2022 and they’re still going strong and working on baby #3 🤷🏾‍♂️

  2. Soooo no one noticed he was walking AHEAD of her and she literally had to grab him? Dead giveaway that he’s not into her lol

    She has an album coming out next week to sell and no big hit to sell it with. Funny how all this talk of them being linked together just popped up like a week ago lol

    Lloyd already said Ciara was super thirsty for fame back in the gap.

    1. @Jay your so funny and right. I didn’t even know she had an album out. She better hope her album does good then.

  3. No one is going to address the elephant in the room????

    How the HELL did Ciara manage to get invited to a state dinner? A STATE dinner!! With the President… FLOTUS….Prime Minister of Japan…….

    Someone please answer this.

    1. I love Ciara I find Russell to be so damn corny and yes Jackie was named after her mom “I can now she the world through my moms eyes”

  4. Like Claudia Jordan, Ciara is the go to beard in the industry. If you pay attention to the body language in this video, you will see he is not really interested…

    1. Lmao I noticed it right away. Idk if he’s gay, but he’s certainly not into her. Nothing but a publicity stunt lol

  5. I love this girl… Mind you, I have to see her in person Jamari…STUNNINGLY DROP DEAD GORGEOUS! I’m not just gassing her up either lol

    But anyway, how can you not root for this girl? She gives one hundred percent to her craft.. looks better than ever, still dances her ass off, making some nice bops for the gay clubs, but she can’t breakout like she did 10 years ago… perennial underdog man lol
    I’m happy she’s dating Russell. He is a great catch… unexpected coming from Future but nice. Russell’s ass is EVERYTHING and Cici should be feel honored to squeeze it every night.

    1. ^You know what Starz…she’d be one hell of an entertainer if she gave up the stripper moves. Yeah, you can throw your ass, twerk, etc. But there’s so much more to her than that. Go back to her early videos and you see she danced her ass off. come to her newer material…you’d think you were in the strip club. It does NADA for me. She is much better than that.

      For a minute I was saying that she had the torch passed to her from Janet, because she gave it her all…but then she fell off. That was around the time she was linked to 50 Cent, and her career was never the same afterwards. Did he play a part in her career demise? Who knows.

  6. The line for Russell cakes starts BEHIND ME! Gots 2 be more careful, he has the phattest phattie of any QB, EVER! Ciara….GO QUEEN!

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