Personally, I Woulda Had To Pistol Whip The Crazy Bitch.

tumblr_lwoxfsC6Va1r4n9cho1_500last night,
i got a call from my little cousin.
she was in tears.
since the rest of our family are idiots,
she calls me for advice or just to talk.
i appreciate that relationship with her.
well she was nearly killed last night.
by this hood rat scallywag bitch she calls her “friend”.
she had no one she could call so she called me.
i can’t do another funeral again,
so i decided to hit her with some tough foxi love.
my favorite!
i’m going to teach you what i taught her…

i have dealt with all kinds of people in my young life.
semi good.
passive aggressive.
you name it,
i have encountered it.
once thing about me is i’m very observant.
i watch what you say,
study what you do,
how you treat other people.
i continue to give you the benefit of the doubt.
once you hang yourself with the rope i give you,
there is no coming back into my life.

tumblr_md1ce26CVC1r8dy8go1_500someone people,
like my cousin,
always try to see the good in people.
i like to see the truth.
which means amongst all the “good” things they may do/say,
i also see the beyond it with their actions.

this girl is like the others she has called her “best friend”.
she always needs “someone” to make her complete.
so this was the “good”:
all “bad girls” with
free weed/drank,
always at every poppin’ spot,
around all the cute hood boys,
and full of attitude with a “i don’t play that” attitude.
the truth:
mothers act like their best friends/enablers.
 low key crazy.
don’t care about no one but themselves.
they don’t know friendship because they were never one.
my cousin has been friends with the same “girl”.
this same character.
she needs to ask herself why is she attracted to “that”.
i don’t even know the bitch but when i told her that last night:

“wow jamari you are so right.”

i’m always right.
star fox would always call me and say:

“i should have listened to you”.

so my cousin claims this is the last straw.
i told her that i hope so because that little bitch will be her downfall.
i really hope she listens because that is the last time i will warn her.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “Personally, I Woulda Had To Pistol Whip The Crazy Bitch.”

  1. You better learn her because her peers damn sure won’t. People ain’t shit, and I no longer see the good in everybody. Those days are over.

  2. Most definitely great advice. Hopefully she listens and saves time.
    I am fairly new to this site and I must say thus far I am very impressed. Keep it up!

  3. Good advice like someone said when people show you who they are,believe them. S/N Neyo broke up with his baby mamma and made a meme on IG. His followers are going off on him . A lot of them are calling him Gay.One said he post that meme during Gay pride month, Coincidence? LOL

  4. “she needs to ask herself why is she attracted to “that”. Great response/question. That is how people change. When they look at themselves and ask what am I doing wrong. Too often people blame everyone but themselves (meanwhile the behavior is repeated).

    We should always take stock of ourselves and those around us. If you have “friends” that don’t make your life better then you need to distance yourself from them.

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