pardon her french but kamala harris is getting dragged

i just mentioned kamala harris and conjured her up.
have you ever noticed that in your real life?
someone that you mention on random and they do a pop-up somewhere?
i can see ghosts.
she has popped up because she’s getting dragged.
she decided to use a french accent while speaking to french scientists…

“Vice President Kamala Harris has been mocked online for appearing to mimic the accent of her host country during a charm offensive aimed at shoring up relations with America’s oldest ally.”


i think she was joking when she did that accent.
kamala’s humor doesn’t come off well at times.
it’s like how kelli and molly described tiffany’s jokes on “insecure”.

“Tiff do be struggling with them punchlines.” Molly, Insecure, Episode 1, Season 5

that is how i feel about kamala at times when she tries to land some jokes.
she do be joking,
but she comes off mad awkward and they don’t land well.
she should stick with her strong suit.

Dragging people and giving them “the face” after.

i think she is funnier when she is facing an opponent.

see full video:

article cc: ny post

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “pardon her french but kamala harris is getting dragged”

  1. Zut alors, say no more, what the fuck you do that for? 💀

    Straight up, I think she’s deliberately phoning it in and giving zero effort becuase a) she’s set for life, and b) she’s automatically in there if/when Sleepy Joe takes that permanent nap!

  2. Getting thru law school and becoming an Atty Gen, US Senator, and Vice President require a lot of intelligence. But man she’s stupid.

    1. Why is she stupid?! Because she attempted to add a bit of levity?! We get it you’re a queen, pussy doesn’t excite you. But what you shouldn’t be doing is inferring that an accomplished African-American woman is stupid. You’re feeding into the same bs as those racist ass white people who dislike her for the simple fact she’s a black woman. Do better don’t be fucking ignorant, we have too many of them in the world.

    1. And our own people, it’s so much more important things to focus on and we have an article about this?! I just can’t.

  3. Ok let me play devil advocate here

    We ALL change our accent when we speak with people from another country where people speak another language, whether you realise it or not, to make sure they understand us and we fit.

    And from a native french speaker i can tell you this was NOT the french accent AT all. Listen to Macron speaking english and you’ll see the difference.

    Finally i can tell you that we appreciate when a native english speaker makes an effort to dilute his original accent, at least i know i do, because it makes the conversation easier for me: Same when i speak french with someone for whom it’s not the first language i tend to speak way slower than usual and i try to articulate more.

    So i understand yall don’t like this woman although i don’t get why but that’s a USA problem, none of my business, but there really is nothing problematic about this video.

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