letitia wright might be holding up black panther 2

i’ve been in a bubble with this whole rona situation.
i keep seeing some folks outside,
with no masks on,
so i had the impression this was all over.
i do know that you can’t do much without being vaxxed in new yawk.
letitia wright,
who plays “shuri” in black panther,
is allegedly holding up production with the sequel with her vax status…

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is one of the many MCU movies hitting theaters in 2022 to have been hit with another delay last month. However, in this instance, there’s a risk its release date could be pushed again. Black Panther star Letitia Wright is currently in London, and if she is unvaccinated, returning to the US so filming of the sequel can resume could prove to be tricky.

Wright is currently back home in London recovering from an injury sustained while performing a stunt on the Black Panther 2 set. As highlighted by The Hollywood Reporter, the CDC implemented a new rule this week stating all non-immigrant and non-citizens flying to the US can only board their flight after proving they are fully vaccinated.

While it isn’t known whether Wright is vaccinated or not, some have assumed she might not be. That belief stems from posts on her Twitter account, which has since been deleted, speaking out against the vaccine. Another report claimed she had been doing the same thing on the set of Black Panther 2. Wright responded to the report with a statement highlighting her work ethic, but neither confirmed nor denied her stance on the COVID-19 vaccine.

so this is a tricky and sticky topic tbh.
it can head down a slope,
off a cliff,
into a rabbit hole,
and land in the depths of a fiery pit known as hell.

on one side,
i feel like we shouldn’t be pushing mandates that force vaccination.
at the end of the day,
it’s a personal choice if they want to get vaxxed or not.
they shouldn’t be scaring people into a “walking dead” community.
some don’t feel comfortable and thats okay.
i will need them to take the proper procedures to protect themselves and others.
some un-vaxxed folks live a life of pure ignorance.

on another side,
if you are un-vaxxed,
this is just the way it is.
it will affect your jobs and careers if you choose to not be vaxxed.
you will be treated like a pariah.
you won’t be able to do shit or go almost anywhere.
florida and texas don’t care,
but other major cities do.
not only that,
the rona is a real thing that could kill you.

if letitia is allegedly un-vaxxed,
that is her prerogative but it does come with restrictions and consequences.
i’m sure she has filmed a lot of scenes thus far too.
dropping out might push this shit back until 2030.
this sequel is giving “doomed“.
i think they should have waited.

lowkey: i’m almost frightened who the new black panther is gonna be.

article cc: the gamer

Author: jamari fox

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7 thoughts on “letitia wright might be holding up black panther 2”

  1. This isn’t the first time she had the movie delayed. They changed it because of her comments and was left coming up with a different story. They didn’t know which story to go with. The original sequel had T’Challa in it. After his death, it was changed. The wanted to go with the whole lost world new villian thing. Then Ms. Wright made some comments and they felt making her the star would ruin the movie. No telling where this story is going but this will be the third time they had to switch things around. Of course the fans wanted to see him actually marry Storm (Halle Berry) from the X-Men. If she refuses they will push it back to shoot it where she is or just cut the rest of her parts.

  2. Insiders are saying she will be the new black panther for this movie but…..after the actress started being an issue they changed the ending. Some are saying she will give up the title to Wilson Duke. I Like that solution since it would make it more difficult to hold up a production in the future if she’s not the main character.

  3. With all of the stuntpeople dying in Hollywood, and all of the BS on the set of Batwoman, you’d think the public would be more sympathetic to injuries on set.

    We’ve had people die due to “fake loaded prop guns”, unsafe set conditions and if they rushed a WHITE woman to push through an injury, I can only imagine the BS Letitia is dealing with.

    Calm it the f down. We’re in a effing pandemic and the last thing we need is people working with injuries and making it worse.

    As far as her being Black Panther, it’s not very logical. Her character is too inexperienced and immature in my opinion. When T’Challa was going to fight M’baku, what did she do? Say it was boring and that she wanted to go home. Does that..sound like a future queen? No, it sounds spoiled and bratty.

    At any rate, I think the logical choice would be M’Baku for not killing T’Challa when he found his body despite how his people have been treated. I also wouldn’t mind Killmonger coming back. Why?

    Whenever it’s sci-fi or fantasy, they always bring back some white mofo, but then it’s “not safe” to use for anyone else. Eff outta hea. Let a Black person come back for once!

  4. She really isn’t all that and I agree with other commenters. “She’s rather bland” .
    I hope she isn’t the “New Black Panther”

    I do hope for a speedy recovery and wish her the best. However , if she is “Anti-Vax” she needs to keep it to herself. Her high profile from being a part of such a significant movie can lead to influence that affects people’s lives .

  5. I have no issue with vaccine mandates if they’re saving people’s lives. Do you have the right to infect someone else and make them deathly ill if you know you can prevent doing so? Over 700,000 people have reportedly died from Covid-19 and the real numbers may be higher, in less than two years. Most other new viruses have not had that effect, and in the effort of public safety, if a mandate is necessary to save lives, what is the problem with that? We have to get vaccinated to go to grade school; most colleges require vaccinations; certain jobs require that you have certain vaccines; we have to get vaccinated for certain types of travel, etc. Unvaccinated people are still getting very sick, dying, and infecting other people, including children and the elderly. So it goes beyond a personal choice, doesn’t it?

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