zed (of zednray) had a fan who only wanted a picture

these days,
everyone is a fan of someone.

with everyone having a platform,
they can create fans and stans.
even the folks of onlyfans have a fanbase.
notice the words “only” and “fans”.
1/2 of zednray,
saw a fan of their music on a plane and this happened…

that probably made his day.
i would have seen zed out in the wild and thought he was fine,
but not realize that he is one of the foxhole favs.
you saw someone and been like:

he fione but he looks familiar…”

i’ve done this with a celeb or two on occasion.

“You look like someone…”

…and it actually was “someone“.
luke james being one of those celebs.

i’m glad that zed was cool about this interaction tho.
you know some of these attentionistos can be real gems in real life.

lowkey: zednray celebrated their 4 year anniversary recently…


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Author: jamari fox

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