how about a nice bowl of soup all over your face?

i love a nice bowl of soup on those days i want to feel cozy.
my favorite american soup is italian wedding.
those of us who grew up in the barbados,
or those with bajan parents,
know that the staple is chicken and dumpling soup.

i HATE dumplings btw.
as you know,
soup can get real fuckin’ hot.
i don’t know what possessed this demon to throw soup on a manager in a store in texas

what if that gave that manager third-degree burns?
jackals are unhinged out here.
it’s like everyone is angry or has lost their minds.
what blew mines…

That she-jackal is a damn nurse.

the irony.
if i was that manager,
i would sue tf out of her.
i hope she does because that was out of control.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “how about a nice bowl of soup all over your face?”

  1. It is like a Gen Z set of Principalities and Powers and demonic anger and energy has come forth from the bowels of hell.
    People are mad; no one even bothers to wear a scarf, least of all a damn hood to hide their racial animus and bigotry.
    We have the judge cloaking for, enabling Rittenhouse as he cries crocodile sperm on the stand in his murder trial. A 🔥💩mess. Black men and women are freely hunted down and killed w/o remorse.
    “Jesus take the wheels of the cars, the trains, the ships and the planes”.

  2. That’s a shame, she seems like a sweet girl, even after that bitch threw it in her face, she looked more “hurt” then anything….unlike myself who woulda chased that bitch down and beat the shit outta her…but I digress, thankfully it wasn’t hot

      1. Exactly, totally different headline. “Customer beaten senseless after throwing soup in employee’s face. 😄😄😄

  3. I believe theres a good chance we can expect some bad news from her employer of her termination. Especially in an occupation where you given an oath to do no harm. I’m sure she’ll get her reality check!

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