nipsey hussle didn’t watch his back (lesson to watch yours)

so they caught the alleged hyena who killed nipsey hussle.
his name is eric holder.

he ended up turning himself in.
i figured he would meet his fate to street justice,
but clearly,
this isn’t a “boyz n the hood” movie.
acording to various stories,
eric knew nipsey for a long time.
they had a falling out and eric ended up killing him.
i mean,
the way he was killed and that kick in the head was very personal.

There is someone(s) in your life right now who doesn’t like you

they are smiling in your face,
pretending to be your friend,
but are secretly jealous of envious of you.
the moment you fall,
the first backstab will come from them.
it just takes you leveling up.

i learned that lesson from working at various jobs.
this is why i tell folks to watch out for their co-workers.
they cool right now,
but the moment you get in a job scandal,
they will switch tf up on you real quick.
most of your co-workers aren’t your friends.
you will see how fast they change once you start moving up.
it has happened to me on a few occasions.

you can’t stop folks from turning on you.
i like it to happen sooner rather than later.
one of my favorite prayers is:

open up the hearts of those around me and show me who is real…”

…and that has exposed quite a few.
if you pay attention tho,
you will see who is sketch city in your life.

How do they speak about other friends?
Do they even have other friends?
Are they always in and out of relation/friendships?
Do they have massive fallouts with others within weeks or months?
Is it always “someone else did them wrong” each time?
Are they catty and malicious?
Do you find yourself having to dumb yourself down for them?
Can they keep a secret?
What is their social media “character” like?
How do they treat strangers or “the help”?
Are they always arguing with someone about some nonsense?
Do they take often take subtle jabs at you?
Are they the type to defend you if someone is doggin’ you out?
Do they cheer you on or stay silent when you have big news?

it’s not always obvious,
but its the things they do that show you who they are.
it will show you who they’ll be in your life.

turn your foxy/wolf/hybrid senses on.

lowkey: every tongue that has risen up against me as fallen.
they thought they won the battle,
but i ultimately win every war with no effort of revenge.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “nipsey hussle didn’t watch his back (lesson to watch yours)”

  1. I know all about those types and I’ve eliminated them all one by one but the sad part is a lot of them were my family members. A lot of the times your qualities put a magnifying glass on the insecurities of others. We live in a society that is constantly comparing themselves to others and it’s really sad.

    I’m really good at reading people’s energy and so far it’s helped me cut envious people out of my circle. My recommendation to other Foxholers is to pay attention to the eyes. I don’t care how fake people are, at some point you will catch them giving you nasty looks that will show you their true intentions towards you.
    There are a lot of sick individuals out there and they often let their envy and insecurities get the best of them.

    1. ^good point about eyes!
      eyes are the windows to someone’s soul.
      i’ve caught folks giving me that nasty look you mentioned.
      it’s judgment.
      10 outta 10 they aren’t in my life any longer.

      alot of people have undiagnosed mental illnesses out here too.
      they are hurting others because they can’t control what’s happening on the inside.
      it’s a constant battle for them.
      you gotta take pity because they’ll recognize their behavior once they start working on being better.

      1. BIG FACTS ON THE MENTAL ILLNESS PORTION!!! I’ve had so many bosses and co-workers who had undiagnosed mental illnesses and for my sanity and self respect I had to walk away from the jobs. Usually when the walls start closing in on these people, they will do some self reflection and get the help they need. You can tell a lot of these attentionisto’s you feature are dealing with some form of mental illness, their Instagram pages normally tell a story and so do their eyes.

  2. Anybody remember the TV show “Girlfriends” with Tracee Ellis Ross? Remember her league of friends on the show?

    I hate to use females as an example but I always wanted my own “league of MALE friends.” I slowly realized it was better to leave these pipe dreams to TV and film rather than real life. Friendships are highly conditional. Envy, jealousy and betrayal are all part of the risks you take when making yourself vulnerable to human beings. 😣

  3. This ain’t nothing new to me. You can even see it on the Foxhole from time to time. Envy, Jealousy…etc. I used to deal with people who crossed me in three stages. In my early stage I was a typical introvert and I would accept what was said and feel unimportant.

    After a while that turned into ready me, if you said something or I found out you were being shady, I’d either cuss you out or we would fight. I’d beat your ass…now I simply ignore people. If you come at me a certain way or try to undermine or discredit me. 8 times out of 10 I won’t correct you. I’ll just look over you and cut you off right then and there cause I won’t give you the time or the day for this energy.

    If I don’t care about what family and ex friends have to say, (& I know them personally) what makes you think I’d entertain a nobody on the web?

    Your very last line..hits close to home. When I ended up get a promotion I remember we had a group interactions. Everytime I got praised of showed off my work..a few of the dudes would get quiet while most of the females would congratulate and give me praise by recognition of my talents. Them two dudes never had anything to say. One was white and one was black.

    I loud capped the white guy at one at a point when we were taking a trip and I was talking to another guy and he was sitting in the back all quiet and I asked him why he was so quiet and he was like oh nothing but he didn’t know I knew exactly who he was and how he would go back and tell the black one what I was discussing. I saw the enemy on his face and “X” him out from then on…

    The funny part is…the black one was worse. Some light skin dude who thought he was the shit. When I tell you that son of b*tch tried me…on more than one occasion. You just don’t understand. He had it in his heart to erase me..because he was jealous. I can read energy very well. I don’t fuk with one of my higher ups because I know he is fake and he’s a black guy too. Something in my gut telling me don’t get too comfy with that one….watch yourself ..and I believe in my experience andand skill. I’m a strong as Empath & I’m not gonna let anyone with no direction try to tell me otherwise.

    The difference between past me and present me is that in the past, I thought I needed these people to be someone, even if they didn’t think highly of me and I would try desperately to be pleasing to everyone and they stayed the same. I wasted time and energy, so this is what I was talking about when I mentioned energy vampires. People that try to get you to react so they can get your energy.

    We used to talk about negative energy or spirits and how they like to jump from people and how they will get someone to say something to trigger you so you can transfer it. It’s like positive energy and how we saying laughing is contagious or seeing other smile may make us smile and happy.

    That’s what a lot of those current Gen Z social media folks be doing with those posts so they can stir up controversy and they need energy to fuel that fire. The media been doing this for years too.

    Now a days, I will cut anyone short the minute they become a problem. Online, offline, underwater, outerspace, you are getting the axe anywhere, anytime. Self-love is important. Once you love who you are, you could give a fuk how many Instagram likes you or someone else has, their couple goals, shoes or who stunt queening.

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