jr smith is wet, naked, and sitting on the floor

i have a feeling the world is coming to an end soon.
at this point,
i’m like bring the great flood so humanity can start over.
social media is out of control.
it can have regulat folks out here doing the weirdest shit.
nba baller wolf,
jr smith,
posted a rather interesting picture tonight.

i don’t get it.
is the baby a water sign?
i’m confuzzled.

it’s such an unflattering picture too.
it’s like he fell on the ground and thought that was a great pic of the gram.
maybe i’ve missed the point but…

…shits weird bro.

lowkey: “even tho i have a daughter,
i’ll fuck you on the floor in the shower”?

Author: jamari fox

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14 thoughts on “jr smith is wet, naked, and sitting on the floor”

  1. Shame on him. He should’ve known better exposing that child like that when there’s so many sick ass predators out here. If you wanna be naked and show off yourself, then fine. But don’t subject your innocent baby to attention like that. Gotta think smart in these times.

  2. Sooo many questions…not enough common sense. Like who took the pic and whoever it was, they didnt think it was worthy to be deleted? And even if they did and he convinced them to keep it or send it to him, why did he think it was appropriate to put on the web? Like this the type of shit u keep between u and the person who took it, who Im willing to bet is the childs mother. Like these the type of pics you look back on and laugh like “what the hell was I thinking” And to add insult to injury, its not flattering AT ALL…he look like he woke up regretting everything he did last night, lol

  3. Before any perverts come claiming “You are projecting your sexuality on a baby”, I do not give a flying duck about what other cultures do. We live in a world where young people are sexualized as child (Ariana is marketed as a lolita pre-teen despite being grown) and I find this inappropriate when we see headlines about perverts raping newborns and infants.

    I also hate the pictures of where a pregnant woman is naked and her husband, previous child are kissing her stomach. That’s something to keep for yourself. Not a magazine cover or to put out in the public.

  4. I used to think he was so damn fine with those thick ass eyebrows but he just comes off remedial. IDK if it’s all the coke or if it’s from him being from Jersey.

  5. To me, the photo portrays a loving father who cares for their child. I think its beautiful but it should have been kept in the family album at least. It also makes me think what if it was a the mother and child and people would have been ok with it. Again its a cute picture and although he thought it was “ok” to post for Instagram fame, he should of thought about the negative backlash.

  6. I’m not gonna write a long essay on the mentality or motives behind this photo. I’m just gonna say it’s cringeworthy af… I’ve unfollowed a few Instagram fitness guys for using their young children as secondary props in an obvious thirst trap post.

  7. I think we all have to acknowledge these opinions are an effect of toxic masculinity. Yeah the pic is a little weird but it’s a man giving his OWN child a bath. If this was a woman we wouldn’t be reacting like this. I hope no one takes offense it’s just the toxic masculinity in the world is rooted in us wether we like it or not, society told us this is not a manly thing but I argue this is the manliest shit! If your a parent you know stuff like this is normal. But yeah the poss is weird but I think it’s beautiful.

  8. Chi…please.

    Idk how this is cute.

    I’m so sick of these folks exploiting their children for some likes and attention. He does not need to be naked and neither does the child. Put some damn clothes on and take a picture doing something else that doesn’t involve you exposing yourself to the public in this manner…

    Take a picture of you and your child at the park, in a pool or you teaching them to play with a toy basketball goal and what not..This is really unnecessary in my opinion.

    Poor child don’t know what’s going on.

  9. He definitely posted this picture just to get attention which was dumb on his behalf.

    With that being said, I don’t think it would’ve garnered the same response if it was a mother and a child naked (girl or boy).

    Would I’ve taken a picture like that with my child (if I had any)? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!

    For one I wouldn’t post my children on any social media site especially when there’s a lot of creeps online.

    But this is just one example how desperate people are to gain clout, likes, and views.

  10. The post is not a professional thing to do. It’s sad to see how low will an individual go to get attention.

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