nicki minaj better have another distraction up her sleeve cause…

you know what i’m always asking in regards to nicki minaj these days.
i hate when successful vixens date and marry trash because it never ends well.
(see: wendy williams).
jennifer hough,
the rape victim of that man (kenneth petty),
took her story to daytime tv.
this is for those who need the whole story:


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caught up?
so she went on “the real” where she spoke about all that went down…

one of my foxholers sent this:

i can’t confirm or deny,
but the forests are talking and it’s not looking good for our dear nicki.
so i have a few thoughts on this whole clusterfuck.


doing stuff like this doesn’t do her any favors:


We gotta give people grace to share their stories.

the pretty vixen said a sentence to me today that applies to this.

“2 things can be true at the same time.
You can be a great friend and be shady.”

nicki can be a great talent and still be shady.
the fact that the barbz are painting this victim to be the enemy,
saying she is only doing this for money,
and making death threats online:

…is actually quite disgusting.
imagine if she pops up dead?
imagine if this was one of their family members?

You don’t ever want to be wrong.

in situations like this,
it’s best to let it be handled in the courtroom.
whoever is lying will be exposed.
if not,
stay quiet because the truth will come out in the wash.
from all the facts on the table tho:

Nothing has been good for Nicki ever since she married that man.

i really hate this for her.

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14 thoughts on “nicki minaj better have another distraction up her sleeve cause…”

  1. So Nicki called u on the phone

    U have no proof no phone records no texts

    All u have to substantiate a claim (civil, mind u, when u could’ve called the cops and gotten him violated immediately, but u then sit on it and sue for financial compensation) is a man named BLACK told u he knows them and can pay u to reneg

    BLACK is on YouTube calling you a liar

    And u haven’t proven BLACK knows Nicki or Kenny

    25 years later ?? They pluck u From obscurity to help him ??? Thinking you would go to the police or courts and say “hey remember that rape? I lied” and they’ll believe u???? When it’s a public figures husband??? That already has bribe written all over it

    Thennnn u go on a blog called nosey heaux

    Not shaderoom not Tasha k not daytime teatime not even Jason lee?? Abc nbc cbs today the view the talk no one picked up an interview with u, just THE REAL which has lost its syndication in a plethora of major cities and needs views

    It sounds like no one could vet this story so the only talk show that would was this zlist gossip show

    And now you’re saying you’re being harassed by Barbs?? Did you think they weren’t going to question or probe ??? This is at least your 3rd interview but now you’re tearful and can’t make eye contact ??? When u were extremely loud and confident on the other interviews

    Ok, I’m done 🎤mic drop…

    1. Did he or did he not try to rape her ?

      Yesterday, a month ago, 1000 years ago… that man is a rapist. This is the first and ONLY thing people should remember.

      I don’t care if he was 17, it’s more than old enough to know not to rape people.

      Let’s say she money hungry, it’s still happening because of him, because of what HE did.

      And this idea of “he did his time so everything is fine2” is the dumbest thing ever. It doesn’t work like that. Him going to prison does not erase what he did. If she has to live with that trauma forever so will he.

      So no matter how she chooses to handle it now, he brought it on himself and so did nicki, whom i LOVE, went she chose to associate with a rapist.

      So you can pick that mic back up and say it loud : Kenny the bodyguard IS A RAPIST!!!!

      1. The case is not about that her appearances are because she’s claiming harassment

        And the reason it’s relevant is because if she’s lying in 2021 and it’s discovered, we have reasonable doubt to her 1994 claim as well 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

        1. Yall really ready to bend your morals just because you’re nicki fan ? That’s tragic.

          And again let’s even say she lying now, and let’s apply your logic : i don’t know you but i’m sure you have lied at least once in your life. Does it means everything you ever said should be questionned ?

          He’s a CONVICTED sexual offender but yall will do everything but hold him accountable because of his wife. It’s really sad.

          I Love Nicki as much as the next person, she the queen of rap to me, but what i’ll never do is defend a RAPIST!

          I don’t care if she’s lying now because again the only reason she’s in their life is because he tried to rape her. Otherwise she wouldn’t be able to supposedly lie on them now.

          Ncki should have seen it coming and excluded herself fro this narrative.

          Let’s do better and stop blaming the victim.

          1. 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️ To each his own Opinion

            We won’t know a thing until facts are concluded until then draw your own

  2. WOOOOOW…I believe her. You can see and feel that this woman has a beautiful spirit and she was horrifically violated. The fact that Nicki would dismiss her trauma, (as one who has also been through trauma), try to get her to recant her testimony, and say NOTHING about her fans joking about Jennifer’s death is absolutely DISGUSTING. YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED NICKI! I AM DONE WITH BEING A FAN. I want NOTHING to do with ANYTHING she is associated with or puts out from this point on.

  3. Sad thing is Nicki will release music and her fans will keep her at number one status. I think Jennifer spoke more so as a sentiment to say “if something happens to me it’s the Pettys who did it”. I don’t blame her. If I was constantly being harassed I’d talk to. Meanwhile the Barbs will say this is a Nicki Minaj hate train. I think if they didn’t cancel her over the attack of her brother they won’t cancel her over this. They should have left the past in the past and bribed a judge or lawyer to overturn his conviction. Not threaten the witness smdh

    1. ^like nicki has every right to speak her side,
      she can too.
      the way how this is being handled on nicki’s end reinforces the rumors about her attitude.
      i understand she is trying to play “the villainess” due to shether and all that,
      but she needs to channel that in music.
      painting a victim of alleged sexual abuse out to be an enemy won’t end well for her.

      1. Please stop saying alleged victim. He was convicted so theirs evidence. I hate that y’all love Nicki so much that y’all are willing to downplay the severity of what she’s done. Instead of blaming Nicki for her behavior, you’re trying to place it on her husband and it’s both of them who have handled this situation poorly. I’m honestly disappointed in how this post was worded.

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