barry bartlett floods my foxhole with his side of the story

“I never slept with him.”

as my influence grows with the foxhole,
many people have hit me up about past & recent stories i’ve written about them.
the wolf who told me he never slept with demetrius j.

they were only friends and he was allegedly fucking someone else.
one of my biggest things is folks can hit me up and we can have an (off the record or nah) discussion.

it’s easy for us as the audience to get caught up in gossip.
i like to get the truth so we can set the record straight.

barry bartlett.
after my last entry about michael privius (monsternova) and him,
( x see it here )
he hit me up in dms to clear the air.
the foxhole was right on the pictures being old.
2019 old,
but he had more to share & reveal about what we thought we knew.
this was our conversation and screenshots

they say there are 3 sides to every story.
the third is the truth.

Was “the truth” that Michael was actually the one who was fiending?

i’m glad we got to see another side of the story.
the main takeaway is this relationship is over.
like any breakup,
there will be a lot of back and forth.
everyone has their own truth to how something ended.
it’s all valid,
but their connection is a done deal.
all the speculation and gossip should end today.
thank you barry for reaching out.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

47 thoughts on “barry bartlett floods my foxhole with his side of the story”

  1. This is precisely why I don’t care too much about conventional looks/attractiveness in a romantic partner.

    They may be a physical 10 (fat ass, big dick, bangin’ body, etc.), but a mental/emotional 5 or less…

    So, for the sake of my peace and sanity, I’d gladly pass on men like Privius.

        1. Pisces here !!!!!!!! <<<<<<<<<

          I second Mansur R Cotman-El’s Emotion …” We Pisces do not claim this one!”.

          Just like all Black Men ,or Gays aren’t the same ( smile).

  2. Lol they made an OnlyFans collab about a year ago together stating that they’re “friends” now. Mind you that was months after their breakup when Barry cheated on Michael. I would take BOTH sides with a pinch of salt. Water seeks it’s own level & birds of a feather flock together.

    1. Exactly! I don’t c what he was tryna prove w this haha. Didn’t he ask us to pray for him to get Micheal back why’s he mad now? Seems like attentionisto. We didn’t forget tht I cheated & the fact why did you post even if it was 2 years ago? So you were stalking….. it was just 2 years ago much better😂😂

  3. jamari you’re such a bird. Calling jason whale lee one of your ‘blogging heroes’. Like really? Of all people? But then again honestly it explains the superficial, lack of depth entries on your sight.

    Gays (white, black, asian, latino etc..) are such birds no wonder people don’t respect the LGBT. Especially the G & the T Y’all make it too easy.

      1. Well if there is one thing correct about your reply it’s that I am very much sexy. Well done for telling the truth for once.

  4. The guy who denied sleeping with Demetrius J… Was it Steven B3ck?

    And I’m saying his name verbatim because you previously created an entry about him possibly hooking up with Demetrius (so its already out there). I also think if it was him that denied it to you then its only fair to say his name as people need to know his side since he was wrongfully accused

    But thats only if he was the guy who approached you to deny this claim.

    1. Yeah the rumor was Demetrius was flying out to LA to see Steven, and Steven eventually ghosted Demetrius…Demetrius did a live sometime after that rumor and kinda sorta admitted it was true

      1. Yes I remember all that but Jamari said that a guy reached out to him saying that he didnt sleep with Demetrius. Thats why I’m wondering if it was Steven because a rumour surfaced about the two of them on this blog. And I think if we are gonna publicly air out rumours about people then its only fair that we publicly air out when one of the parties denies them.

        But this only applies if it was Steven that reached out to Jamari. If it was another guy then let it fly I guess

        1. There were a few guys mentioned in that blog i can’t find it anymore online but it was that guy that hangs out with GregYm and Flashman…

  5. jamari, ‘big dick daddy dollars’ don’t want tired, porn addicted bloggers, who cry about unrequited relationships in their entries.

    1. ^ coming from someone who comes here every single day,
      reading those same stories and watching that same tired porn,
      rehashing how you hate gays over and over like a broken record,
      i’d say your actions speak differently babes.

  6. Seems Barry is upset and tryin to paint Michael as crazy But this doesnt really prove anythng except that Barry is thirsty for attention and another example of him being meessy and unable yo control himself

    1. You can’t paint anyone when receipts show that Michael is crazy. Barry has literally been in his own world, how is clearing his name being thirsty for attention? Make that make sense for me. It’s sad that he’s even had to do that. Like why are they still relevant. It’s been 2 years sense they dated. When has Barry ever mentioned Michael or talked about him if it’s not in defense of his own name and character. These are facts. Facts show that Michael is desperate. He’s the aggressor. And he’s hasn’t gotten over Barry.

      1. R we discussing the same posts? Based off of Jamari’s posts that cover Micheal n Barry all Barry seems to mention is Mocheal. I’ve not seen any of Micheal posts on here. These r all things tht Barry has put out. Even the Jason story. These r all from Barry’s social media what r u saying lol? It’s basically like he’s arguing w himself and clearing up things he did on his own social media. I would expect him to tlk about being embarrassed tht he posted those things but instead he tried to embarrassed Micheal even more by showing his texts. Seems like a typical toxic attentionisto

  7. So let me get this straight. Barry begged and asked for Michael’s forgiveness for him to do this? Seems Michael or whoever the fake number was trying to b bigger person. Weird flex but ok

  8. Jamari, @michaelprivius (the ex) responded on his instagram story and is giving his side. He pretty much said that this is BS to cover Barry’s reputation and said that Barry is the crazy one. It was one hell of a DRAGGING though lol

    1. Yes lol! He DRAGGED Barry for filth! I believe him. Barry seems bothered and clearly immature given his antics in the past. If this happened 2 years ago y is he still looking for attention. And if he really is “30+” like Michael said haha it’s even sadder tht he’s still commenting on micheal today given he says he wishes him the best but is trying to make him look worse

    2. they’re both calling each other crazy… but they were together at some point. So i guess they’re both crazy. It’s a mess

    1. Exactly! This is all the tea he could serve? I thought Barry was the one tht cheated? He didn’t comment on tht. Seems a lil too 1-sided for me

  9. This is lame I don’t see anything besides baarry trying to cover his ass. Even if the micheal n jason thing was 2 years ago y how did ge get those pics n why did he post them on his IG lol🌾👀 it’s giving stalker. Where’s Michael’s side in all of this?

    1. You can clearly tell Barry doesn’t care about Michael. Michael is the one stalking him. It seems that Michael is mad that Barry has truly moved on.

  10. Even when they’re receipts people still try to think Barry’s crazy. He’s stayed silent for two years and then there was a blog about him creepin on Michael when actuality he’s not even worried about that boy or his life. The messages show how obsessed Michael is and it’s a bit insane. I feel sorry for Barry. He doesn’t want any association with that dude but it’s seems like Michael keeps finding ways to message him. Get a restraining order!!

    1. Lol who knows, really who cares? Seems like you are Barry posting these last few comments though☕️ 🕵🏿‍♂️

      1. Agreed he commnted on my post too. Barry you and Micheal r both crazy whoring attentionistos You may just be slightly more toxic n obsessed💋 Case closed! Next calllllller

  11. It knew he was toxic then and he is toxic now. If you are going to show proof, showing IG messages, is not proof because anybody can make a IG, steal some pics and send messages to the way you want them to turn out. Toxic people have time to do this, period.

    If you have my number, I am not having or accepting anything you send to my social media. I don’t care if you blocked my number. I’m not about to go on social media and leave receipts showing I’m the toxic one, you got me fucked up on that bruh like for real for real. Then you send a popular blog copies of the phone number without blurring out the number as if they know who the real number is. That also goes to show you, this shit don’t sound right at all because the number not even saved in your phone. When my ex number is still in my phone, his name is Scam Likely, Do Not Answer, Asshole, Cheating Ass, Lying Ass or Toxic Muthafucka! If I didn’t change it, the name will still be in my phone because if your number is unknown, that text is not getting read and its a instant delete.

    That’s one thing I’m not going to do is do what Barry did. I would have done what Michael did and left it alone as just a story on a blog. No, you had to reach out, send proof and give a whole backstory because you wanted to look like the hero and not make him look like he was being attacked. Regardless if it was two years old, YOU took the pics, you posted all over social media you needed help getting your man back, all that toxic behavior came from you while he was chilling minding his business.

    Yall can say what you want and take Barry side with a grain of salt because I have been with a Toxic ass person and this is the exact same shit they would do because they are toxic.

    This whole story really struck a nerve with me because I felt like I was Michael. You out here posting pics and shit and when it makes you look like you the villain now you want to go on this apology tour and reach out to blogs to explain your side. If you not toxic, why you take the pic and post it and literally lost, damn son is that the best you can do. Them toxic words cane out yo mothafucka mind and fingers and posted it all over social media for people to have sympathy because y’all didn’t work out. Grow the fuck up and move on because if you wasn’t a toxic person he wouldn’t even be out with Jason Lee in the first damn place!

    Ooooooooh, I apologize for this post Foxhole but some people know how to strike a nerve and when you dealt with a toxic person before, you get flashbacks and it makes you go there. I don’t know Michael or Barry but I know how it feels to be put in a situation you have no control over when they are the ones taking the pics and putting all over social media like they are being victimized, hurt and just want to move on with their life when you already moved on and they won’t let you be. When you finally stop giving them that attention then they want to put this façade they moved on and don’t want to deal with the situation. If you moved on from a situation why the fuck you still have texts from two years ago! I’m telling you people don’t think when they post shit and go on apology tours. You moved on but you still got texts of him but you don’t want nothing to do with him. You see how people lie in plain sight. How many of you still have texts from an ex 2 years ago? I’m pretty sure we all got new phones or deleted it because I don’t need that toxic dude in my life and I don’t want any memories of him being toxic towards me to bring back those memories.

    1. PERIOD! I thought I was the only one👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🙌🏾Dead on. Regardless of the circumstances Barry still the one and ONLY ONE tht posted these toxic/obsessive things but has the audacity to paint Michael crazy. And took it further by leaking texts and what not as if he proving something. Them texts showed he was trying to bury the past and be cool w Barry’s begging ass. Barry wreaks of toxicity and him reaching out to tell his “story” just further paints Barry as messy and untrustworthy which is probably why he got dumped. How old is he? He not fooling anybody w this moving bs. More like attention whoring

      1. The whole “that was two years ago” thing got me, so where these texts come from if that was two years ago. Where the receipts that he sent those messages to your social media 2 years ago and that he still sending you messages. Then you leaking a phony ass number cause if it was real I wouldn’t be the reason that number is all over the world where somebody can sue me. The whole time, Michael still ain’t said nothing publicly and if he was this so called toxic person Barry painted him out to be, he definitely had time to give his side and give his truth. Toxic people like doing toxic shit but when the light is on them, they want to run and hide and go on apology tours to blogs. All Barry had to do was close the tab and move on if that was 2 years ago. I’m not about to reach out about something that died two years ago. Its not that serious. Its just amazing how some people let social media control their life. Michael was never that person that’s why he moved around. HIS background proved that.

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