unpacked the last of the moving boxes…

How ya doing?
I (haven’t) been doing mighty fine…

we all hit rough patches in our lives.
everything won’t be aligned and curated perfectly for instagram.
add on mercury retrograde and it feels like you are walking through cement.
from the shadow period until touch down,
it has been non-stop “wtf” in my life.
shit was poppin’ off irl and in the forests.
when i came on to update yesterday,
i got an error message and shit went bananas bts.
after a 2 hour call with my hosting company,
i had to legit pack up and move the entire forest.
we too big ya’ll.

It’s too big (big)
It’s too wide (wide)
It’s too strong (strong)
It won’t fit (fit)
It’s too much (much)
It’s too tough (tough)

with that being fonted…

Thank you for all the donations I received!
I was able to update and move the forest to a brand new space.

it’s in a much bigger and faster neighborhood now.
i want to thank everyone for all the continuous support.
even though i went through a rough patch during q3 spring/summer,
q4 fall/winter is gonna end exquisitely.
peace protected and the bag collected!


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “unpacked the last of the moving boxes…”

  1. Congratulations J on the new crib! Im hoping to do the same thing next month! BUT I cant wait for you to font on The Cookout Big Brother on Xavier the lawyer giving us constant peeps at the D. Lol and secondly. I think Big D has a crush on Xavier btw. Lawyer goals!!

  2. Congrats Sir J! Definitely a huge milestone. When I saw the subject line of the notif email I thought ‘Oh, I didn’t know J was moving apts.’ I know that was your intent & it worked lol. I’m glad you were finally able to afford to move to a larger hosting company. I’m sure the old company was sad to see you go w/all the traffic you get. 2 hours on the phone is excruciating though but at least now it’s complete!

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