unpacked the last of the moving boxes…

How ya doing?
I (haven’t) been doing mighty fine…

we all hit rough patches in our lives.
everything won’t be aligned and curated perfectly for instagram.
add on mercury retrograde and it feels like you are walking through cement.
from the shadow period until touch down,
it has been non-stop “wtf” in my life.
shit was poppin’ off irl and in the forests.
when i came on to update yesterday,
i got an error message and shit went bananas bts.
after a 2 hour call with my hosting company,
i had to legit pack up and move the entire forest.
we too big ya’ll.

It’s too big (big)
It’s too wide (wide)
It’s too strong (strong)
It won’t fit (fit)
It’s too much (much)
It’s too tough (tough)

with that being fonted…

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You Say No To Ratchet Penis; But You Can’t

BOgCj-lCQAMXEi5as much as you try to avoid it,
you cannot run from ratchet penis.
it’s next door to you in the hood,
online sending you a thousand messages,
and now moving to the suburbs.
chief keef has moved on up from wherever he use to live to to the burbs of chicago.
as you can see the picture,
one (or more) of those snow bunnies are about to get turned out.
the video is even better…
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