my straight boyfriend cheated on me with another gay male

i’m being dramatic af with that title.
i’m good tho.
many of us have an issue with leading folks on.
you might have that issue.
i’ve been led on and i’m guilty of doing it at times.
we meet folk and not really be feeling them,
but we flirt/sleep with them in “the moment”.
they are usually a convenience to entertain until the right one comes along.
my straight home-wolf,
who i consider my straight boyfriend,
actually did that to another gay fox he met…

…and is confused about why the gay male is attracted to him.
he didn’t smash or get his dick sucked by the gay fox,
but he did sort of dangle the idea of the potential penis in his face.

you can’t be handsome af,
and making a lonely gay male feel special.
not every gay male is gonna be like me.
i learned a majority of straight males don’t think at times.
the curious ones like to always be in control.

I let them.

i like to flirt and feel sexy

but i know it’s a dub that won’t lead to me getting any penis.
nothing’s worst than falling for:

The unattainable straight male
The curious but mind gaming “straight” male

run away from those emotions.
don’t put them on a pedestal.
males in this life of ours do it too.
hell people.
people are still people and can be trife af to whoever they feel they can manipulate.

Most people crave attention

this is why social media and “likes” exist.
it feels good.
it makes our sex organs heat up when someone makes you feel sexy.
we sleep better at night when we have someone under our control.
that’s just life,
leading folks on never ends well especially when they’ve never been in control.
i can feel in my foxy sense that this situation is gonna end in chaos tho.
even tho i’d think he is stupid for even getting his feelings get hurt,
i’m probably gonna side with the gay fox.

lowkey: when you learn how to control other males,
regardless of sexuality,
and truly keep your emotions in check,
that is the most powerful thing ever.
it goes way beyond sex.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “my straight boyfriend cheated on me with another gay male”

  1. I had one. “Straight Boyfriend “.

    He was the son of a Preacher, Handsome,Charming ,tall, modeled and had a girlfriend.

    I was secretly Crazy about him , but refused to give him any clues. I called him my “Little Brother”

    My “Gaydar” is kinda wack so I just couldn’t tell if he was into me even though he:
    A) Said he loved me
    B) Bought me a Watch- 2 Shirts for my birthday
    C) Jokingly told me he had a “Big D$ck”
    D ) Begged me to call him when I left the job and broke ties with him

    Today he is married with 3 kids and preaching at his family’s church!

  2. All of the guys i talk to are “straight” but have some deep fascination with me. All of them.

    idk, a lot have:
    – checked out my ass a bunch of times in clearly “secretive but obvious” ways.

    Sent me nudes including a video of him jerking off in order to “rate-it”.
    Went to a clothing optional beach and really heavily pushed me to get naked.
    give them massages on their back and tell me to straddle them so i can massage their chest all-the-while trying to cover an erection.
    3 married guys at different times, one being disappointed I only saw him as a friend. Asking if i’d had sex with a guy. Wanting me close.

    IDK….and yet, the only openly gay guys i attract are the ones who have a significant degree of extra that i’m not capable of handling. emotionally or mentally. And I guess i provide a safety net for the straight guys because they can push some boundaries without actually going all the way/commitment and I assume that makes them comfortable.

    IDK, but my long history with the straights is complex, yet i enjoy it. Even though I know its not going anywhere. I’ve come to learn I actually like that level of attention. I’ve also learned based on habits of many I couldn’t date lot of them because I just don’t have it in me to really get past a lot of their habits and they’re not focused people.

    The married dudes were all doctors tho so I def could see myself with them….if it weren’t for the obvious.

      1. Lol, this all seems to be so common.

        I think a lot of these guys grew up in an environment where it was taboo but at the same time it was actively becoming more and more accepted around them.

        when people give you some light teasing or whatever for being gay, once they find themselves in a situation alone with another gay person, someone who isn’t going to immediately judge them for their curiosity, they feel more inclined to act on it just to see what was kept from them all those years growing up. They’re curious- but not bi-curious: curious in the sense they just want to know what the hype is.

        and this allows them to explore a whole range of emotions and closeness they haven’t had a chance to see up close before. but they also don’t want to let those emotions get the best of them and carried away so they play it safe; drop hit-n-run tactics for their own adrenal satisfaction but not enough to say they’ve gone too far.

        They want to get closer, but everything in their real personal lives doesn’t allow that so we’re kept arms-length and our feelings be damned. they just want a momentary high and we usually want something more meaningful and valuable.

        That’ ok with me because I’m not seriously looking right now. I’m just playing it safe for the moment and again, i like the attention. But one day I’m certain it’s going to burn me bad.

        It can be so frustrating though once feelings develop.

  3. We need to move past someone not being homophobic meaning they want to give us A or D. It’s called being a decent human being. Sex is such a handshake with gay men.

  4. Ummm…I digress on the whole thing..smh…lol We always create these situations then act like a victim…😈 the straight male don’t know what the fuck hit him…lol and we pissed cause the playa (us) got played.

  5. I love this site ( COMMENTORS). Seariously!!

    Very good collection of thoughts and shared experiences( Smile).

  6. LOL y’all gays STILL doing this?? Y’all have time on your hands clearly. There is noway I’m entertaining a confused “straight” man full of mind games unless he got a check for me. What’s the value proposition? Because if it’s just raw dick that smells of pussy juices then I’m good. Some of yall must love the headaches.

    I guess I’m just the type that doesn’t entertain a man unless I know he’s into me. “Curious” men bore me & will never get the time of day from me. Know what you want before engaging with me.

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