Mo’Nique and “That Husband of Hers”: An Arsonist’s Guide To Blazing The Trail

oh daddy…
your calling card.
the one thing that needs to be guarded and protected.
it’s like a precious stone of sorts.
once it’s tarnished,
it’s pretty difficult to clean it up.
hyenas and jackals can/will try to ruin you,
but if you have a good reputation,
you’ll have folks willing to risk their reputations for you.
mo’nique and “that husband of hers”
jawn murray,
an icon in the entertainment journalist world,
read an email he received from will packer’s font today.
will was the executive producer of “almost christmas”.
it was the last movie mo’nique recently starred in.
this is what he had to say via his facebook

starts at/around @24:00:

jawn’s hair>>>
this is a quick breakdown of what he said:

will said that his team & universal pictures went out of their way for mo’nique.

he was warned by numerous folks in the industry to steer clear of mo’nique,
but the terrible experiences with “that husband of hers”.

he fought to have mo’nique casted and wasn’t gonna let rumors stop his decision.

“that husband of hers” allegedly wanted more money from universal and production.

the terrible twosome had an issue with white folks in the film crew.

they both treated the crew horribly.

will told them he was the H.N.I.C on the set and they all laughed, but later on, the terrible twosome filed a complaint against will and tried to get production to give up more money.

mo’nique did the least amount if promotion of the entire cast, but still got paid due to “that husband of hers” demands and repeated requests for more money in marketing.

all these folks aren’t to blame for mo’nique’s reputation taking a hit. “that husband of hers” is the main reason.

if all of the alleged is true:


so were most of the foxholers who called it.
i believe every word.
why would jawn lie?
that terrible twosome been showed me who they were.
they are greedy,
self serving,
no filtered,
and entitled.

“i call him daddy because he raised me…”

i feel like she is pretty much done in the entertainment forest.
not even on the strength of being a black vixen trying to make it.
it seems they had plenty of alleged opportunities,
but her alleged pride and his alleged greed proceeded itself.
this is all their faults.
once they realize they’re both the common detonator in all this,
they might be able to turn their reputations around.
she’ll need to drop him and hire a professional,
but at this point tho…

Who would want to work with her?

so they could make podcasts blasting them?

she should just become a dance instructor and call it a day.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “Mo’Nique and “That Husband of Hers”: An Arsonist’s Guide To Blazing The Trail”

  1. At this point, I’m over Monique and that husband of her. She have shown me that she not for the black community she about herself.

      1. Back in the day,when she was on the Parker’s. Rumor of her being a bitch then. The same thing was said when she did the queen’s of comdey.

  2. Paula J. Parker and her husband ended up in a motel room with all there demands and request.
    Monique deserves our sympathy, the dick got her scorching the earth.
    Is Jawn Murry in the glee club? Just asking for a friend.

  3. I use to really be a fan of Monique and I use to ignore the rumors of her being difficult over the years. Now, I can see Monique and her husband have been the issue each and every time. Some of the things Monique says about the industry is true, but it’s the negative way she is presenting it, and if you don’t agree with her husband and her they think you’re a house n word and automatically side with the other side. He is not good for Monique career anymore and Monique seems like she is so head over hills in love and worships the ground he walks on and whatever he says is factual. She also been talking that open marriage stuff, incase her husband is seen with another woman it will not look bad on her. I think her time in Hollywood is done.

  4. They played a snippet of her and her cryin snippets s husband on Wrndyu the otha day and I was like wooow, felt shame for the sistah…I honestly think she could’ve been still workin of she had’a stayed off these damn podcasts EVEN with her nasty attitude (there’s plenty of celebs with alleged nasty attitudes in the entertainment world so doin the damn to thing…hell, some if us have commented on meeting them and being the brunt of it, then turning or noses up like ‘no he/she di’nt”) but these freakin podcasts/social media posts blasting everybody and puttin all your biz out instead of lettin that ish hash out in a private conference room with the actual salient parties and figurehead involved were the nails in her coffin…smdh…I was kinda rootin’ for her for min, but now, with the facts streamin in? *shrugs*, yeah, no turnin’ back now…

    Lastly, anyone who treats wait staff or anyone in the hospitality industry like mere peasants is a POS imho cause I’ve waited tables before and there’s jus too much shit you already have to deal with (life shitty management) that they don’t deserve to be treated less than regardless if who u (think u) are…*sigh* …oh well.

  5. When there is a problem or a conflict with every Business encounter they have means They are the common denominator. There is just something about his Face that goes beyond confidence. It will eventually come out!

  6. People. Are getting tire of Monique and husband. Nonsense. What we seeing is people. Are now exposing them for who they are.
    That’s why she in the shape she in. Mary j bliage. Had good sense to leave her husband who was fucking up her career.

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