Michael Sam Will Pull On Your Heartstrings Through Oprah

140210-michael-sam-jsw-1231p_bf569faf85c71e82d384bf88315d0fb2well with no current football career,
its only natural for michael sam to become a tv star!
well not exactly.
oprah was determined to get michael on her network.
first she wanted a reality show to document his first season.
well what first season?
so she booked him for a documentary/interview set for dec 27th on own.
here is a sneak peek…


rckstr-1“is the dream over?”
“some say he wasn’t all that relatable…”
oops sorry,
but aight auntie o.
i see what you are trying to do.
use the “sympathy card”.
…and right after christmas when our defenses are down.
good play.
  will it work on the straight wolves who actually watch football tho…?
somehow i think they may have moved on.
now i wonder if he will address how he met the snow fox?
i’m curious for that story.
  i’ll tune in to see what its all about.
i guess if all else fails,
he can certainly become a reality star.
i can see it now…
“a show documenting his progress as he tries to get on a team,
all while keeping up with the kooky antics of his crazy ass family,
which includes his sister with 9 or 27 kids,
and his ex crackhead mama who can’t get her life or wig together…”
wrong reality show profile.
tumblr_mexmv1fS9G1r8xb8fo1_500i’m sure auntie o knows what she is doing with michael tho.
look what she did for lindsay lohan and we see how that turned out!

Author: jamari fox

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6 thoughts on “Michael Sam Will Pull On Your Heartstrings Through Oprah”

  1. Don’t forget having a storyline where Michael tries to reconcile with his deadbeat dad. It’s not a reality show until you go to dinner with someone you clearly don’t like because ya know, that’s what we all do in real life when we have beef somebody. Go sit down & have a burger at Wendy’s while we talk about who, what, when, where, & why we’re beefing. Of course things are never settled the first time. Words are said, drinks might be thrown. Don’t worry, we’ll have dinner at Applebee’s next time.

    Oprah needs to chill on the reality TV. Most of her endeavors in that genre have been pretty lackluster. I didn’t even tune in to watch the mess that is Lindsay. The only reality show I did watch on OWN was that one about the two black dudes that ran a chicken wing truck. I only watched one episode tho.

  2. I hope he considers the WHY and the WHAT THEN of doing the interview. It will be good for Miss O’s network for ratings but what about HIM, will he benefit and get his dream? I think he ought to pursue the CFL if that option is still open, fuck the NFL. Go and do his shit in Canada, make a name then let the NFL come calling as they usually do for others when they see he can actually play the damn game and no one has died because he is in a locker room. He needs good management and i hope he has one around him.

  3. I will watch.He is unemployed so he probably did the doc to generate income.
    He met his boyfriend,Vito when Michael was a freshman and Vito was a Jr.They met at a frat party at Mizzou.Vito was on the swim team.They started dating about a year later after Vito came out.They dated in secret.Michael talked about it in Out magazine.
    I watch reality shows on Own like Flex and Shanice and Kym Whitley show because there is no violence and minimal profanity.

  4. I’ll pass. I occasionally watch the Deion Sanders reality show and I used to watch Sweetie Pie’s but I haven’t watched that in a long time. I REALLY try to stay away from the reality shows though, because so many are garbage.
    As for Michael, I think he really should’ve waited to come out AFTER he was on an NFL team and showed what he could do. After he had everyone kissing his ass, he could’ve been like oh yeah…I’m gay. I can just see the jaws dropping (pun intended). LMAO
    Side note…have ya’ll seen that handsome ass Heisman Trophy candidate, Marcus Mariota?!! Damn!! lol

  5. He was better than you’re giving him creature. don’t become co-defensive player of the year by being a slouch. plus, in the preseason, he actually did pretty well. so when given a chance on the nfl level, he showed enough in action to warrant a legit chance. outsports, i believe, did a piece showing no sec defensive player of the year has ever, in over X years, fallen so low in the draft. it appears it’s as S.A.S. said flat out, despite all the nfl hoopla, the reason he isn’t playing, not even on a practice squad (co-defensive player in the SEC) is not because he is gay, but because he came out. he showed on the college level and the few nfl games he played in, that he can add value, at least worth a legit chance

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