So How Did That Job Interview Work Out For Ya?

tag+emoji+3well today was exciting.
my job interview was earlier this afternoon…

when i got to work this morning,
i made sure to print my resumes on resume paper before everyone came in.
i printed 5 copies just in case.
i didn’t want anyone to know that i was going on an interview.
i was pretty excited about this.
i slept good and woke up feeling refreshed.
i wore:

white dress shirt
dark blue blazer
dark blue slacks
brown boots (it was icy as hell)

the interview i got was through one of my good vixen friends.
she told me her recruiter was amazing and got her a 75,000/y gig.
sign me the F up.
so during my email correspondence with the recruiter,
i let her know the only good time i could meet is during my lunch.


when lunch came,
i hid my leather folder in my coat and i was out the door.
i only had an hour,
but i figured i’d meet quickly with her and be back at work.
the recruiter’s office was 10 blocks away from my job.
upon further investigation,
i also found out she works at a temp agency.
i don’t fuck with temp agencies too tough anymore,
but if she helped my people then why not?
they specialize in finding permanent work,
but many of the jobs require interviews before being placed.

giphyi knew that would be an issue.
i get the ignore button when i ask for days off.
days i still have that i could use.

when i arrived at the building,
it was 1220.
when i got in the office,
i had to fill out paperwork at 1225.
it was a lot of paperwork and i knew by the time i was done,
it would be 1235.
i still had to meet with the recruiter and walk back 10 blocks to my office.
i could already smell the drama.
i texted liar liar to let her know i would be late.

i need to take my lunch and you will throw off everyone else.”

i politely went up to the desk and told them i had to reschedule.
i didn’t even meet with the recruiter.
can’t even tell you what she looked like.
i got back to my office at 1250.
didn’t even have time to eat.
liar liar went on a lunch date with her married mailroom wolf.
tumblr_mzrfj7FOlA1rluf19o8_500i see its going to be a little tough trying to bust out this prison.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “So How Did That Job Interview Work Out For Ya?”

    1. If you are suggesting he rats on her, that’s not going to do any good. It can backfire really quick. He would need proof because co-workers do go out to lunch together. You gotta leave that alone.

    2. I’m pretty sure Jamari mentioned in a past entry that the head lady boss said she already knows liar liar is fucking the married mailroom wolf but she lets her slide because liar liar whines to her about how hard it is being a single mom or some shit.

  1. I was wondering when your interview was. You should have ran down there. I know you were walking and trying to look cute while you are doing it. I ain’t mad at ya, I do the same man lol.

  2. Damn J, there’s always some catch when you’re close to changing your current situation. I remember your toilet overflowed when you were supposed to be on your way to an interview with Mr.Green. Maybe this is a sign you’ll get something good.

  3. Two thoughts: 1. Explore possibility of evening or before work interviews, if possible. 2. Call in sick on interview day(s).

  4. Call in sick next time.

    1) You fell and can’t get out of bed because of your back
    2) You got diarrhea
    3) You got a virus and keep throwing up
    4) You broke out in hives

    And the list goes on.

    I would get sick next week and GET THAT NEW JOB before someone else does.

  5. I’m rooting for you Jamari. Your current situation will change and maybe this time it’ll be something that is in your niche.

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