I Like My Wolves Big Bodied

10259972_888954024449517_7907549502294391406_ni like to call these kind of wolves “big body benz” types.
nothing better than sitting in the driver’s seat of one.
i hear the ride is pretty smooth as well.
the shocks don’t wear out as easily.
just rest your hands on that dashboard and…
(NSFW AND 18^)…

tumblr_ma2t7wm2wq1r03lrbo2_250 tumblr_ma2t7wm2wq1r03lrbo5_250 tumblr_ma2t7wm2wq1r03lrbo6_250…if you get my drift?

lowkey: who is he?
i feel like i should know him…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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